New Ward Book (sort of)
  • I just received in the mail an interesting book by Justine Ward. Gregorian Chant Volume II. Catholic Education Series, 1949. It's in the public domain. It's pretty great, though it has way more detail on how to sing chant than I can imagine anyone ever using. Even among my chant-crazed friends, I can't really see this level of scientific precision to be of too great an interest. Still, it is really nice. My interest is more archival than anything.

    My question is: does anyone know this book? Should it be posted?
  • post! post! post!
  • It sounds like it could serve as an excellent on-line reference for precise questions about Classical Solesmes chant
  • francisfrancis
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    We want to be chant crazed! Post!
  • marymezzomarymezzo
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    Yes, please do post if time permits.
  • Yes, I am quite familiar with this text and would highly recommend it being posted. Justine Ward offers another facet to the diamond of Chant. Thank you Mr Tucker for your kind offer!