1696 Arp Schnitger – Protestant Church, Noordbroek, The Netherlands
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    This is too good not to share. The history is well described when you view it on YouTube.

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    o my gosh... that my dears is the real thing

    tnx Charles for sharing
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    Interesting isn't it that it doesn't sound like American "Schnitger-styled" organs?
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    Which American "Schnitger-styled" organs?
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    Some of our local ones by famous builders who will remain unmentioned. The "real" Schnitger sounds much better. A few hundred years to smooth out the tone would make an enormous difference.
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    OMG!!! What an EXTRAORDINARY instrument!!! Has this organ ever met my PenFriend, Gert
    van Hoef? If not, I believe they should. He is an extremely talented musician on the organ and
    piano. Gert has released several CDs and has travelled to England and performed 2 concerts in
    Stoke-On-Trent, which can be located on YouTube. I am certain that you will find his performances a real "Breath Of Fresh Air"!!! Thanks for reading this post.

    Sincerely & Musically Yours,
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  • Buxtehude Praeludium in D minor, BuxWV 155
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    Played this instrument a few years ago... Hence my strong defence of Baroque instruments, CharlesW.
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    French are better. LOL.