Graduale options instead of Psalm and Alleluia
  • PLTT
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    With regard to IGMR 61-63, when it speaks of selecting a gradual/tract/alleluia psalm, etc. from the Graduale Romanum or the Graduale Simplex, does this refer to both the text and the music? Or only to the text? i.e. would it be permissible to simply sing the same psalm verses as given for a Tract in the Graduale Romanum, but to another setting?

    I'm aware the US IGMR adaptions are wider, but I would like to know for places without these adaptions.....
  • MatthewRoth
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    Since you can traditionally use polyphonic or chant-based settings, e.g. falsobordone or Anglican chant or even a psalm tone, I don't see why not, though perhaps in the Ordinary Form I would caution against the polyphonic settings. It just doesn't fit the liturgy as it would for the traditional Mass.