J. Rene Quignard - Mass
  • This composer was mentioned some time ago - some one looking for chant-based organ music. I'm looking for his "Short Mass in Honor of St. John the Baptist." GIA (in a former incarnation) published it, but it is in the PD now. Does anyone have a copy in an old music library? Thanks.
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    Is this the one in SATB with organ? Our music list says we have it. Has anyone given you a copy? If not let me know. My email address is fredk.lautzef@gmail.com

  • The schola at St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church in Jackson, MI has recently acquired the music for the Short Mass in Honor of St. John the Baptist. The schola sang the Kyrie for the Extraordinary Form Mass on the First Sunday of Lent this past Sunday and the recording as well as a few images of the church can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Odf2p1mAiXg
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    Very well-written, easy to sing, I've used it quite a bit.

    But since it has obbligato organ accompaniment, I have never used it during Lent in the EF.
  • Then use it on Laetare Sunday when the organ ban can be lifted a bit.
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  • There's a checklist of Quignard works here. Please feel free to send me additions.
    Digital picking so far are slim. All of the works of Quignard are under copyright in Canada and the EU. The GIA pubs would only be PD in the US if they were not renewed (reasonably probable).
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    Is there a copyright date available for the published version by GIA (or anywhere else)? Then one could do a search for copyright renewal.
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    http://www.schola-editions.com publishes it for EUR 6.36 / copy.

  • The schola at St. Mary Star of the Sea continues to enjoy learning and singing various parts of the "Short Mass in Honor of St. John the Baptist" by René Quignard. Here is a video of the Agnus Dei as sung during the Extraordinary Form Mass for the Third Sunday of Easter.
  • Bump. Does anyone have an old version of this somewhere or have a link where one can find it? Chonak, I'm not seeing what you saw almost 1.5 years ago. Perhaps they no longer publish it... (I'm looking for a couple who are interested in having it at their wedding Mass...) God bless you!
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    It's listed in this catalog.
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    I have re-typeset it, but I'd rather not simply post it here. Send me a private message at smc2003 at bellsouth.net.
  • I would like a copy !