• Simple question: I understand that the organ alone is not permitted during Quadragesima (in the EF). Does this also apply during Septuagesima? In other words, when exactly should the organ fall silent?
  • JesJes
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    My ordo says no other instrument other than organ can be used during septuagesima. Hope that helps.
  • During the seasons of Advent, Septuagesima and Quadragesima in the EF, the restrictions on the use of the organ and other musical instruments do not apply to feasts of the 1st and 2nd class. But this should not be wrongly interpreted. The organ and musical instruments are traditionally understood as lesser substitutes for the human voice. The restrictions on their use on Sundays and ferias in the penitential seasons is a reminder of the necessity for the greater solemnity possible with a cappella singing. But this requires skill and dedication.
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    We have been using the organ through the Septuagesima, choosing chants and solo organ pieces with text and mood in connection with the Mass Propers and in gradual preparation to the Lent. Somewhat similar (but in contrary direction of) to the 3rd Sunday of Advent and 4th of Lent.
  • Arthur,

    I'm not sure I understand.

    Normally, I play Institute standard: Procession, unless we sing; all intonations; from altar to pulpit and back; if there is an Offertory gap (which there rarely is); between Sanctus and bells; after the Benedictus (or Consecration, as the case requires) ...... but starting on this past Sunday, I began to scale it back. The first to go was getting Canon to the pulpit and back. I'm looking forward to Ash Wednesday, when the instrument goes in moth balls for a few weeks.