Music in honor of St. Valentine?
  • At practice today, my young ladies' choir inquired as to whether I had any music in honor of St. Valentine. I am not familiar with any. Have any of you come across either chant or hymns to St. Valentine? Please, not the Ron Ireland piece.
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    I haven't.

    Perhaps someone could set the post-communion to something?
    "Sit nobis, Domine, reparatio mentis et corporis caeleste mysterium: ut, cujus exsequimur actionem, intercedente beato Valentino Martyre tuo, sentiamus effectum"

    I don't have a missal on me right this second, but Google says it's something like
    "Let us, O Lord, for renewal of the heavenly mystery of the mind and of the body: that by the intercession of blessed Valentine, Thy Martyr, we may experience the effect."
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    I am sure I have seen Office Hymns for St. Valentine, I am rather busy at the moment but will have a look in the Analecta Hymnica when I have some time.
  • Thanks for the input, CCooze and tomjaw. Tomjaw, I followed your suggestion about the Analecta Hymnica, and was able to find the liturgical prose for "Valentino, Qui Valenter," in what I believe was Volume XLIV, on p. 277 (#312). With minimal translation skills, I was able to ascertain that there is good material there. Thanks for the tip! Do I dare to imagine that there might be someone out there with a penchant for the obscure, who knows of a chant setting of this piece?
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    If you find something in the Analecta, it sometimes suggests a reference to the music, otherwise.
    1. Each entry has a reference as to the manuscript it was from. This manuscript may be online or could be found in a library.
    2. Search the Cantus Database
    3. If it is a Hymn find a melody you like for that meter and reset the Hymn to that meter.

    Have checked Cantus and there is a whole Office, but it appears to use the Common Hymns,

    In this manuscript,

    As far as I can tell it has been scanned to microfilm, but does not appear to be online.
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  • Thanks for that info, tomjaw. Following up on your internet search has invariably led me to alternate sights of interests, and I came across a poem to the Bishop Valentine in an anthology (1907), of which the descriptive language made me smile. It can be found here on pp. 3-6:;seq=21
    (Another poem on pp. 33,34)
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  • As tomjaw had correctly assumed, the manuscript which I was searching for, "Bibliothèque municipal de Rouen. Manuscript 248 (A.339)," was scanned to microfilm. I received an email from the University of Chicago today, which included 3 pages of scanned images of St. Valentine chant. The problem is that I am unfamiliar with that style of chant notation and abbreviated text. If there is a chant aficionado out there who would like to take a look at it for me, here's my email address:
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