Christus Vincit, Worcester
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    Can anyone point me to an online score for this setting? I have a pdf of the Solesmes facsimile of the Worcester Antiphoner, courtesy of Gallica. So I could construct it in gabc, but I have neither the paleographic nor musical skills to get the nuances right. This setting is the one I learnt at school 65 years ago, and has been one of my favourites ever since.
  • There's a transcription of the Worcester version in Ernst Kantorowicz' Laudes Regiae. Although you can view 2 of the pages in snippet view in google books, the melody is a little different from the YouTube recording in your link. Incidently, the book is a great read, but Kantorowicz is off the mark on a number of points because he didn't understand the Catholic religion.
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    You could also create your own transcription, basing it on this one. You'd have to modify a lot of things, but you certainly wouldn't be starting from scratch.
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    Yes! Thank you. Now to start a campaign to hear it again in use before I die.
    And I do not mean used like this, though they were having fun.
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    We sing this version several times a year... Also you may hear it sung during some Latin Mass Society events.

    N.B. I set the above version from a handwritten transcription, but have not seen the original.
    I notice that the Worcester Antiphonal is not easily available from the Worcester library, even though it is scanned to microfilm.
    Cantus has the following reference,
    GB-WO F.160 100v and 111v

    I could not find the Gallica .pdf, so could I have a copy of the .pdf?
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    I think I just blundered about and was confused about which site I ended up with. Try whether this is correct. Christus Vincit is on p.309 of this document (pp.201,2 of the manuscript as numbered). If the link does not work, a Google search on ' paleographie musicale 1922' might.
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  • I too enjoy this chant, but there is a melody slightly more interesting than that one which I prefer. it is closely interrelated but more strongly fits into mode iv. I dont have timek to think about it now, but be mindful that another person is dedicated to reviving the use of the english royal praiss/christus vincit. It will live on in the Catholic Church. (It is also being sung in a few Western Rite Orthodox Churches...)
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    Does anyone have an organ score for this version? I know it is accompanied at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, and I rather like that version, but am more than willing to use any version. We are planning on programming this as our Post-Communion "Hymn" of Praise for the Solemnity of Christ the King this year, and I'd rather not transcribe by ear unless I have to.
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    Sorry can't help with organ score.
    But while this thread is revived I will add this transcription which is on ccwatershed, and was produced for an Australian pilgimage
    Christus Vincit in a Sarum style, typed up for the Ballarat to Bendigo Christus Rex Pilgrimage
    And attach another fairly similar, based presumably on the Worcester source, but clearly different in the way it treats scribal abbreviations and errors. The differences show why I expressed doubts about my ability to decipher the original myself
  • This may also be helpful to others...
  • Incardination, from what source did you draw the acclamations? Thank you.