New (and free) propers online from Fr. Columba Kelly
  • Announcing the Sacred Music Project. (

    Fr. Columba Kelly, OSB, of St. Meinrad Archabbey is now sharing with the world his chant settings of the antiphons of the Roman Missal, among other settings--for free. Read a complete description here. The chants are arranged in pdf booklets that are ready to be printed for liturgical use. They contain the Introit, Responsorial Psalm (for privileged seasons) Gospel Acclamations and Communion antiphons as given by the Roman Missal. The complexity of the chants falls somewhere between the Introits and Communions of the Graduale Romanum and the chants of the Graduale Simplex. This work is masterful and it is very exciting to publicly release it for the first time.

    About the Sacred Music Project: It is a project that I have been considering for several years now. Aspirations for the site might enter into the "liturgical cpdl" conversation that is happening in this forum. If anyone has an interest in discussing this more or in getting involved in the project please email me at

    [note: the project website is no longer operational, so the links listed here don't work any more. See below for more information. --admin]
  • Of course this is a wonderful thing, inauspiciously announced. He has been working on this project for decades, and, suddenly, it appears before our eyes. Everyone please go to see what has has done. This is certainly the way of the future, both in content and mode of delivery.

    Thank you again Adam for all of your hard work!
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  • Columba Kelly has provided an extremely useful resource. His antiphons hold considerable musical interest; yet , unlike the proper chants of the Graduale or versions of them adapted to English words, these chants are easy enough for amateur choirs to sing without an unreasonable amount of rehearsal.

    These pieces are truly other APT replacements for the propers in circumstances where the propers cannot be sung--and they rarely can be in most parish churches.

    I don't understand why Jeffrey said that Fr. Kelly's antiphons have been published at an "inauspicious time." Is he concerned the imminent adoption of the revised Grail psalter as a replacement for the NAB psalter? I think it will matter only with respect to the Responsorial Psalms. The processional chants are covered by the "alius cantus aptus" rubric.

    Having composed/centonized, adapate responsorial psalm refrains for a three-year cycle in the space of three months, I am confident that Fr. Kelly will be able to replace his psalm refrains in a comparable amount of time.

    What do others think about his decision to "publish" the propers for each day separately? Should I publish the revised edition of The American Gradual similarly?

    One other observation... People in this forum have said that the antiphons in the missal/sacramentary are intended only for recitation and not for singing. They MAY be right. But Fr. Kelly's entrance and communion antiphons can be used, nevertheless, under the "alius cantus aptus" rubric. I hope that some Episcopal churches will also use them.
  • I just meant that it was announced with little fanfare.
  • what a wonderful thing... I have it bookmarked and will,no doubt, use many of the chants in the future. Thanks, Adam and much thanks to Fr. Kelly.
  • It’s worth asking: why did Fr. Kelly choose the Missal texts rather than those of the traditional (Gregorian) Proper?
  • Probably for the same reason most make that choice: because the Missal texts have a concrete, approved translation, and the Gradual doesn't.
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    Yes, I am trying the same links above and it brings to another website where "/st-meinrad-chant/index/" does not appear.
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    The links provided above are from 2009. I think all at has been moved to
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    SMVANROODE ... spot on! Thank you!
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    Thanks for the updated link. Fr Columba Kelly's settings are beautiful - this is a great resource.
  • Very grateful for Fr. Kelly's beautiful work!
  • Andrew: But the Graduale texts don't need an official translation. No bishop seems to be so particular as to mandate such.
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    These are great and I will be using some of these settings this week.
  • Andrew: But the Graduale texts don't need an official translation. No bishop seems to be so particular as to mandate such.

    Oh, I agree. That's just likely why people use the Missal texts. That, and those are the texts that show up in most missalettes.
  • … or the fact that a lot of clergy, whatever other charisms they may bring to their ministry, do not seem to know the Graduale.
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    FYI, these collections are still available via the WayBackMachine:

    — Entrance Antiphons
    — Communion Antiphons
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  • 2009. Revived in 2014 Re-revived in 2019. Next up 2024.

    (And for the record, one needn't go 'way back' to get them -- they are still on the monastery web site, just not at the link provided above. Poke around and you'll find them.)