First Vespers of St Andrew
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    Does anyone know if there are organ accompaniments for the Antiphons incl. Magnificat for 1st Vespers of St. Andrew.

    Ant 1. Salve Crux
    Ant. 2. Beatus Andrea
    Ant 3. Andrea Christi
    Ant. 4. Maximila Christo
    Ant. 5. Qui persequebantur

    Mag. Ant. Unus ex duobus

    I have looked in the NOH and they just have the Hymn.
  • The Organum comitans ad Vesperale (1890) by Hanisch contains these Antiphons, and you can find it in the St Jean de Lalande Library of Rare Books, now incorporated in Corpus Christi Watershed.

    Beware: Those are accompaniments to the Medicea edition of the Vesperale Romanum, so they might have a slightly different melody.
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    In case you were planning to celebrate 1st Vespers of St. Andrew, I'm fairly sure that 2nd Vespers of Advent I takes precedence.
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    Well it all depends...
    The following will have First Vespers of St. Andrew.
    1. Scotland (Patron Saint) or other places with St. Andrew as patron.
    2. Where the Titular of the church is St. Andrew
    3. Titular of the cathedral is St. Andrew
    4. Those places using the Rubrics in force before 1962 / 1955 delete as applicable!

    Of course in many places it will be 2nd Vespers of the 1st Sunday of Advent.

    N.B. Unfortunately there are far too many differences between the accompaniment above and the music in the Roman Antiphonal c. 1949. But we can cope without the organ!
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    I've just checked the 1962 Rubrics' Table of Precedence. Neither of cases 1-3 is true. Patron Saint and title of the church are 1st class feasts, but still of lower priority than Advent Sunday.

    Concerning the accompaniment: I would be at least very tempted to choose the Medicean version :)
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    I have a lack of 1962 books, just checked that 2 and 3 are not possible under 1962, It would be a commemoration. As for 1, I think the Scottish bishops received permission to continue to celebrate 1st Vespers of St. Andrew. I believe the feast is now classed as a solemnity.

    Anyway we don't follow 1962...