Afrikaans Chant - Advent, a work in progress
  • Hi All!

    A special thanks to the semiology thread for the valuable advice and much needed encouragement!

    My goal is to try and adapt at least one chant a day to the Afrikaans language. I will then do a pslam tone version and hopefully in the future an Afrikaans version of the SEP will be composed in honour of the great work of those who are working tirelessly for accessible vernacular chant.

    Here is my rendition of Ad te levavi in Afrikaans. Feel free to comment, guide and criticize this work so that these adapted chants may become best possible rendition of these beautiful and ancient melodies.
  • Adam WoodAdam Wood
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    Do you have recording capabilities?
  • Hi Adam - I have a webcam and a program called audacity. Here is my effort to sing and record it.