Nunc Tempus Acceptabile translation
  • Kathy
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    Here's a translation I did a few years back of an office hymn that is sung at Vespers during Lent. Cheers!

    Today is the accepted time.
    Christ's healing light, the gift divine
    Shines forth to save the penitent
    To wake the world by means of Lent.
    The light of Christ will show the way
    That leads to God's salvation day.
    The rigor of this fasting mends
    The hearts that hateful sinning rends.
    Keep all our minds and bodies true
    In sacrifice, O God, to You,
    That we may join, when Lents have ceased,
    The everlasting Paschal Feast.
    Let all creation join to raise
    Most gracious Trinity, Your praise.
    And when your love has made us new,
    May we sing new songs, Lord, to You.   

    Translation copyright © 2006 Kathleen Pluth. Permission is given for parish use durung Lent 2009. All other rights reserved.
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  • Lovely!
  • Kathy
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    Please put it to use, if you can.
  • VilyanorVilyanor
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    May I use this as I pray the Office this Lent?
  • Kathy
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    Vilyanor, why don't you email me your email and I will send you a bunch of stuff :) My address is kpluth at gmail dot com
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  • Kathy
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    I thought I would bring this up again before Ash Wednesday, and mention that it is now available through OneLicense.