More unrevised propers to fill gaps in rev. ed. of The American Gradual
  • Heath Morber has called to my attention a number of gaps in the revised edition of The American Gradual that I have not already filled temporarily by posting unrevised propers here.

    The propers included in the attached .pdf documents, which are not included with the others accessible at the CMAA Web site, are for the 8th-11th, 18th-15th, and 27th-29th Sundays of Ordinary Time (Propers 3-6, 13-15, and 22-24 in the Episcopal numbering.
  • Mr Ford,

    Thanks so much for your work on the American Gradual. The music director at my parish just started using these English adaptations in the last couple weeks. This morning, I recognized Qui manducat right away from the pew.

    Please note that the main link on the CMAA page is missing a few Sundays, namely Propers 13-15 (Ordinary time 18-20), which are coming up very soon, and Propers 22-24 (Ordinary time 27-29).

    After rooting around a bit on the forum, I found this thread, which contain most of these missing Sundays, with the caveat that the file labeled propers 22-24 doesn't actually contain 24 (just 22 & 23). So that's the only Sunday I couldn't find.

    The music director will be delighted to get these Sundays he is missing. Although he likes to say: "I'm pre-Vatican II, I don't use the Internet," he gets helpers like me to obtain the online resources.
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    We can get by, but I too noticed OT 29/proper 24 is missing from the file above. A number of other gaps can be filled by using the forum's search function.

    Bruce Ford elsewhere invited proofreading comments, and I offer these few still fresh in mind, mostly on the bar lines. We only use offertory & communion at present but I hope for a nice bound second edition by the time we add graduals & alleluias.

    OT 28 Aufer a me "Take away from me [*] all shame and rebuke [half bar] for I have followed [no bar!] your decrees [tic] O Lord. [full] Your decrees are my delight [why not a half bar] and they are my counselors."

    OT 26 Memento verbi "Remember [*} you promise to your servant [tic] O Lord…" [cautionary b natural?]

    OT 25 Si ambulavero [full?] you kee[tic, or change to "me"] -eep me safe [tic] O Lord…" "against [tic] the fury" Tu mandasti "You laid down [*] your commandments…"

    OT 24B Precatus est Perhaps the repeat of the opening phrase is weird enough to merit being set of by a double bar; I usually omit it. Qui vult venire "If anyone [B-flat!] would come…" [I found myself singing the penultimate word "fol(6864534234)low(31)"
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  • Hi all,

    FYI, I’ve compiled what I could find (and what Bruce has sent to me) up at
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