Ictus question in Justorum animae
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    In the offertory "Justorum animae," does horizontal episema on the second pitch of the fifth line make that note ictic?
  • Not technically, but it's easier to do it that way.

    (Counting down to the can-o'-worms opening... three... two... one...)
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  • I agree, that it's ictic.

    From the Liber Usualis (#801 English rubrics 1963), p. xxvij: It should be noticed that although a note lengthened by an horizontal episema generally receives the ictus or rhythmic step, this need not be always the case.
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    Okay...so if it is ictic, how do you count the groups from "illi autem"? Is the group right before the quarter bar a 12 1 with the 2 coming on the note after the quarter bar? And if so wouldn't that destroy the musical relationship between the first pressus in "autem" and the pressus immediately before the quarter bar?

    And yes...I do have other things to worry about but this is more fun....
  • From the marked ictus before the quarter bar (|): 1 2 1 2 1 | 2 1 2 3 1 2 1 2 ...

    I wouldn't say this destroys the musical relationship between the pressuses, because your ictus is merely organizational, and won't affect how the phrase is sung. The real question is what value the quarter bar has. In this case, I'd say none.
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    I would say the there should be an eighth rest before the quarter bar.
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    Thanks to all for the help!