Hymns about the End Times
  • I'm looking for a hymn for the last Sunday after Pentecost, to match the Gospel. Extra points if it's in the Campion Missal or Gather Comprehensive. I can think of all kinds of shape note music about the Four Last Things, but we're apparently too nice for that. The Gather topical index has "judgement" but nothing there quite works. And no, I'm not doing the Dies Irae as a processional. Suggestions?
  • Liam
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    The Day Is Surely Drawing Near


    I don't have my copy of Hymns Psalms and Spiritual Canticles handy, but it was set to a lovely Genevan Psalter tune at #315 in it (not MIT FREUDEN ZART - it was a better tune).

    Rejoice Rejoice Believers

    Lo, He Comes With Clouds Descending

    Up, Awake From Highest Steeple (many paraphrases of Wachet Auf)
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    I still maintain, tho' having been shouted down a hundred times, that Ward-Howe's text "Mine eyes have seen the glory" is, in fact, about the Eschaton. And yeah, I know its literal history.
    JQ, you sure you're not prepping for Sept. 29th? ;-)
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  • The only selection in Gather Comprehensive that might fit your criteria is # 320, "The King Shall Come When Morning Dawns".
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  • Liam,

    The Geneva HPSC tune is "Sei Lob und Ehr'." Regrettably it's the kind of stalwart hymn now out of favor in local Catholic circles.
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    Thank you! (I was hoping you'd have the hymnal handy).

    The lovely tune (adding trumpet flourishes is optional but it works for this, especially if you do this at a reasonable clip, as it's 3/2 time):


  • Michaelmas, Melo? Alas we're not doing it.
    Thanks for the suggestions. I belatedly discovered "O Jesus Christ, remember" (Aurelia) in the Campion, which could work. I'll look into the others.
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  • Come, Labor on
    God is working his purpose out

    (These are both ecumenically minded!)

    Faith of our Fathers

    It might be the end times before "Mary's prayers shall win all England back to Thee";
    "chained in prisons dark" seems appropriate....

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    melofluent: prepping for Sept. 29th? ;-)

    About prepping (important bit starts at timestamp 7:00 ff) ...

    About 29th (I think it is sooner) ...
  • "Come, Ye Thankful People, Come."

    In GC2; I get bonus points.

    3. For the Lord our God shall come,
    and shall take the harvest home;
    from the field shall in that day
    all offenses purge away,
    giving angels charge at last
    in the fire the tares to cast;
    but the fruitful ears to store
    in the garner evermore.

    4. Even so, Lord, quickly come,
    bring thy final harvest home;
    gather thou thy people in,
    free from sorrow, free from sin,
    there, forever purified,
    in thy presence to abide;
    come, with all thine angels, come,
    raise the glorious harvest home.
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    Ditto LHCWCD and CYTP,C.

    Also, Rejoice, the Lord Is King.
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    Dies Irae.

    Jerusalem the Golden.
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  • Oh my, Nihil, triple points for "Sunday before US Thanksgiving."