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    I heard something on the radio, ("OMW, she's so old she listens to a radio !!?!?") identified as a Frescobaldi Canzona, No. 29.
    I thought the announcer said that it was an arrangement for brass, but now I'm gathering the brass is original.
    I don't understand the numbering or naming of Frescobaldi's works as available on IMSLP, probably because my my Italian is limited to things like, si, vendetta! and avanti a dio!
    Do any of you actual organists know this work and if it is available for keyboard alone, and how it might be named or numbered then?
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  • It probably is this Canzon vigesimanona. But if you search the Duke catalogue for "Canzona 29" you'll discover there's also a Canzona 29 detta la Boccellina a 3.
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  • If you heard it played by brass it would be an arrangement. Not that that is bad. These brass arrangements can be very admirably done. Frescobaldi, though, would have heard these works played by sackbutts and cornets, or such. The cornet is a remarkale instrument and can, if one isn't listening too closely be thought to be a trumpet, especially in recordings.
    You might want to acquire Frescobaldi's Fiori Musicali. This is a set of organ pieces written to be played at mass, and includes quite a number of canzonas to be played at parts of the mass, such as before the epistle, etc.
  • Richard's first 29 is #29 in Raveri's anthology of 1608, the other is 29 in Frescobaldi's one volume of canzone for 1-4 instruments and bc. (which went through 3 progressively expanding editions...29 is only in the final ed.) They're all for unspecified instruments, so brass is as legit as anything else, and there's no point in thinking about arrangements. Originally they would have been done by violin family, cornetts, sackbuts and/or dulcian, or a combination of the winds and strings.
  • my my Italian is limited to things like, si, vendetta! and avanti a dio!

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    she's so old she listens to a radio

    I am so old I listen to old radio shows.
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  • Um, did someone mention radio?
    My favourites as a youth was 'Mr and Mrs North' and 'Gildersleeves'.

    (And, radios really aren't off topic because, as the saying goes, 'if Frescobaldi had had a radio he would have listened to it' - maybe even played it.
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  • You might want to acquire Frescobaldi's Fiori Musicale.

    Frescobaldi's own preface to Fiori Musicali is gratifying to read.
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