Office on-line?
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    A question came in by e-mail to the CMAA, asking if we knew of any sources for listening to the Divine Office on-line. I only know of a couple, so I'll post them here for anyone who is interested. Perhaps other readers will know of other sources.

    I think the questioner was particularly interested in the sung traditional office, but here I'm going to list some modern and vernacular services also.
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    (1) The abbey of Notre-Dame de Triors in France sings Lauds according to the traditional Benedictine office, and their service is streamed live by the radio station "Radio Esperance".

    If you are up late in the evening (US time), you can listen in. The program starts approximately at 0610 CET, which is 0010 EDT.

    To listen live: start at
    and click on the link "Nous ecouter" at the upper left of the page.
    A pop-up window will appear with the audio player.

    There is a replay-on-demand option on this website, but I think you have to register on the site first before the links will work.
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    (2) Vatican Radio has Lauds, Vespers, and Compline in Latin, according to the modern Liturgy of the Hours. These seem to be pre-recorded services.

    Lauds: 0630 CET (on radio channel 5) (psalms and antiphons sung in Gregorian chant by the monks of Santo Domingo de Silos in Spain)
    Vespers: 1700 CET (on radio channel 1) (mixed choir, singing Gregorian chant)
    Compline: 2320 CET (on radio channels 1 and 5) (Gregorian chant by the monks of Santo Domingo de Silos in Spain)

    Direct audio at!/?cid=167#1

    To replay the most recent programs on demand:

    (a) start at!/?cid=167#1
    (b) click on "search podcast".
    (c) click just below that on "search"
    (d) click the red audio icon for the program
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    (3) The French Catholic television service KTO presents Vespers from Notre-Dame de Paris, and posts the video on YouTube a couple of days later. These are the modern Liturgy of the Hours, with Latin hymns, vernacular psalms, a Latin Magnificat, and multi-lingual intercessions (something for the tourists, I guess).
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    4) Once again the traditional Benedictine Office from Norcia,
    Vespers and Lauds everyday, Compline occasionally, Matins on Solemnities etc.
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    Ampleforth Abbey in Yorkshire, England has just started streaming Lauds, Vespers and Compline live.
  • The Benedictine Abbey of Le Barroux (Southern France) to broadcasts the day hours of the traditional monastic Office. If you cannot listen in real time, there is an archive.
  • During the recent Chant Workship in Jasper, GA by Bridget Scott and a whole bunch of other very talented people from this list, one of the kitchen ladies and I talked and she was very interested in broadcasts of the hours - I was able to help her find the link to Le Barroux and save it to her smartphone. Lovely, new (1970) monastery great to visit. Have an AirBnB cellist friend living outside of Bedoin if you are looking for a lovely place to stay...I sent her home with a copy of a book on chant...since she was going to listen to it, why not know something about it?
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    Updating some of these web resources (as of October 2018):

    Vatican Radio's daily office broadcasts (modern Liturgy of the Hours) are available for replay at:

    Radio Esperance is still broadcasting office live daily, but from differing sites at different times:
    Lauds at 0610 from Triors
    Vespers at 1830 from Bastia
    Compline at 2205
    (times are French. As of today, that's GMT + 2)

    KTO still includes Lauds and Vespers in their videos on-line:

    Ampleforth Abbey is offering a live-stream of their services; here is the schedule:

    The Abbey of Le Barroux offers live streaming of their offices (traditional) at:

    I believe the monastery in Norcia is no longer offering recordings of their Office on-line.