FOR SALE: Choir Attire
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    Need robes for your boys choir? 26 lovely blue cassocks with cotta/surplice in excellent condition.

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    Was it circle-neck surplices in 18th century Russia?


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  • ' surplices in 18th century russia?'

    I do believe that the pleated and square-yoked surplices which have been quite the fashion in Roman circles for the last few decades are something of an haute couture ecclesiastique innovation, as are the strips of lace (not the baroque type of lace) and embroidered symbols. One would never find these in the ordinariate: as of old (very old), Anglican cassocks are round-yoked, reach to the ankles, have pointed sleeves, and would never sport pleats or embroidery. And lace? Is outrage!

    One might add that proper vesture for sanctuary personell is apparelled albs and amices, not cassock and surplice, which many Catholics seem to think are so 'traditional'. As for the so-called 'cotta', which people seem to think just absolutely belongs on young boys, it is nothing but a chopped-off surplice and is the most ridiculous and silly-looking excuse for a vestment up with which anyone ever came.

    (Nice blue cassocks, though. Our choirs at Walsingham wear blue cassocks and (white) surplices.)
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    In Communist Russia, circle-neck surplices wear YOU.
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    Abbey Brand, made in the USA. The size of the one I grabbed was "12" - which we agreed would fit an average 9-12 year old. There might be a few sizes bigger or smaller, but that was the average.

    They are in picture perfect condition.
  • Are these still available? What is the asking price?
    Need them for our Latin choir at our Classical School.

    Thanks a bunch,
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    Yes. We are open to any offers.
  • Fantastic! Sending you a private message now