Does anyone live in the Boston area that know an Organ tuner?
  • donr
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    I may have found a pipe organ for sale in Boston. If you are familiar with a trusted Tuner in the area please PM me.

    thank you
  • donr
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    Seriously, no one knows of a good tuner that can check out an instrument for me?
  • If I lived (what luck!) in Boston, I could likely recommend someone; but, alas, I live in Houston.
    Do you want the organ checked out as to its state of repair and quality for your purposes?
    Or, do you merely need to have it tuned?
    I would suggest that you contact the Episcopal cathedral choirmaster (or maybe the Episcopal Church of the Advent) for a recommendation. He very likely has a reputable technician in his service that he could recommend.
    Too, you might contact an organ builder who might have a representative in your area.

    Let us know how your search turns out.
    Can you tell us something about this organ?
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    The organ is in Boston, I live in AZ and am looking for an instrument that I can put in our new church that is currently being built. One of the members of the building committee went down to Boston on vacation and I told him that there were Catholic Churches in the area that were being closed. He went to look for different items such as pews, art work etc. that we could reclaim. He knows that I am interested in getting an organ for the church so he looked at it. Unfortunately he does not know what he is looking at. So I would like a professional tuner or someone else that could go over and just see if it is worth putting in an offer for.
  • Perhaps if you contacted someone in the Boston diocesan music offices he (or she) could be of assistance. Do you have any idea how many ranks it is? Its builder? Its age?

    Also, if you are searching for a used organ, you might want to contact the Organ Historical Society and the Organ Clearing House. I think that Noel knows more about these matters than I do.
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    Bill Czelusniak of Czelusniak et Dugal. He is located in Northampton. I don't know what he would charge for his time and the trek to Boston. He is very highly respected in the business. I don't have his number on me at the moment, but you can find him on line.
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    He's also the President of the Organ Historical Society.
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    Awesome, thanks. He may know of this instrument already if he is in the area.
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    I have heard of a Hook Hastings company in boston. Who takes care of them, I believe they do not exist? They could be the person to whom to go. Or the skinners.
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    Hi, Don; I've asked some Boston-area colleagues for ideas. (I live here, but I'm not an organist.)

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    I've used Richard Pelland for years. professional, reliable and local!
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    Thank you for the responses.
  • The redundant organs in that area have been pretty well picked over...but trackers being set in stone as far as size and layout, there are surely still some gems out there.

    John Bishop at Organ Clearing House took over from me years ago at a church when
    I left to got to Pittsburgh and then Italy. Great guy and has his finger on many, many organs...but also has the vision and integrity to guide you well.
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