Polyphonic Nuptial propers
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    Here's an interesting question that was just requested of me by a soon to be bride, "Are there any polyphonic settings of the EF Nuptial mass propers?". I was floored that there are VERY few if any at all settings of that. There's certainly none that I can find.
    Anyone have any ideas?

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    I have a friend whose wedding featured propers along those lines, if I remember correctly. I'll see if I can get you in touch with the composer.
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    Have you tried looking a CPDL for specific titles? I would imagine that Palestrina at least would have set some of the nuptial proper, even if just the offertory.

    Unless, of course, JFK's nuptial low Mass barked by Cushing of Boston with the Schubert Ave is more historically accurate regarding 'long-standing custom' than we all would like to believe...
  • Rick,

    If I can figure out how to load the file, I wrote a setting of the text Uxor Tua for friends as a wedding gift (which I finished just after their wedding).

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    We just did Palestrina's wedding Offertory last Saturday. Quite a nice piece.
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    What a wonderful question to be asked!! Can you even imagine it 10 years ago?
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    Thanks all, I did search CPDL for any of the propers titles and nothing came up. Deus Israel, uxor tua......etc. matthewj, I think you found that because it's not specific to the nuptial mass but "borrowed" from the mass of the 13th Sunday A Pentecost. But it's an idea.
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    I was commissioned to write a set of them for a friend's wedding a couple years ago. They're quite challenging, and each movement has a unique musical character. Take a listen to the most jubilant setting, the Communion, Ecce sic benedicetur.
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    The MOTET database lists a few things, not much, and pretty obscure. An enterprising person *cough* could track these down and edit them into a book and sell them to the 12 people doing EF weddings
    Deus Israel conjungat: Jacob Reiner 1570, Jacobus de Kerle 1576
    Uxor tua: Wolfgang Runtzelis, 1569
    In te speravi Domine: Seth Calvisius, anon?, di Lasso (SATB, in RRMR 130, p. 87)
    Ecce sic benedicetur: 104 entries! I don't know if these all fit the Nuptial communion text, but I'll dig a little.
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    Something like the attached might prove useful to some.

    Richard Rice
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    Maestro Rice, you are the man!!!!! I'll sent those on to the person I'm advising.

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    Thanks, Rick. Revised version attached, including Gradual and Alleluia.

  • Very nice, Richard Rice!
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    CGM... the writing AND the performance are both magnificent and stunning. Congrats. Can we hear the rest?
  • Mr. Rice, I just came across your propers setting. Stunning! Will be recommending these to friends!