Augustine, singing, praying...
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    I've frequently seen the quote attributed to Augustine: "He who sings, prays twice." and somehow remember being told that this is not quite accurate. (Maybe it was on Fr. Z's blog..I can't remember)

    Somehow, I remember it more accurately translated as "He who sings scripture, prays twice" or something to that effect.

    Does anyone know the authentic/literal/slavish translation of Augustine's quote?

    I'm curious, because--using a pedantic example--singing "On top of Old Smokey" is singing, but it's not prayer.

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  • The best I have been discover is that this is an anonymous proverb, originally bene cantat bis orat, "the one who sings well prays twice."

    Wikipedia says:
    From St. Augustine of Hippo's commentary on Psalm 74, 1: Qui enim cantat laudem, non solum laudat, sed etiam hilariter laudat ("He who sings praises, not only praises, but praises joyfully").
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    I have also heard it as: He who sings well prays twice.
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    Clearly this refers only to Tibetan throat singing techniques for those who cultivate overtones against the fundamental growl!
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    Augustine? That heretic again? Sheesh!
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    He who doesn't sing well, prays ... for forgiveness.
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    Oh, that St Augustine...
    He also said this.
    (Save the Liturgy, Save the World)
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