Miserere as the Lenten Gospel acclamation at the OF?
  • In The Parish Book of Chant, there is indicated that the Miserere is one of the acclamations suitable for the Gospel acclamation. The sacramentary I referenced only refers to tracts and graduals as alternates to the acclamation. Is the Miserere a type of seasonal tract during lent? Where is this documented and/or how is this use of the Miserere justified?
    As a side note-:the content and quality of our parish music has has improved dramatically since I have began using this site's resources. Never underestimate the efficacy of the Gradual Romanum and the many other downloads of this site.
  • That's great to hear!
  • I've found the Miserere mei chant in the Liber Cantualis (pp. 20-21), and I've wondered if it is an option given in the Lectionary. Otherwise, according to the GIRM, it does not appear to be an option:

    62b. During Lent, in place of the Alleluia, the verse before the Gospel is sung, as indicated
    in the Lectionary. It is also permissible to sing another psalm or tract, as found in the
  • It's in the Liber cantualis. Full stop, as far as I can tell. And Scott Turkington's the only one who sings it, again as far as I can tell...