Name Your Ten Favorite Common-Meter (86.86) Hymn Tunes*
  • Please share your ten favorite Common Meter/CM/8686 hymn tunes below. Well-known, obscure, even overdone tunes are long as they're among your favorites.

    If you wish, give a reason why a tune is on your list (tuneful, majestic, easily played, etc.).

    Tunes that call for repetitions of lyric lines are perfectly fine, e.g., CORONATION ("All Hail the Pow'r of Jesus' Name").

    *No need to mention GILLIGAN'S ISLAND. Because everyone loves GILLIGAN'S ISLAND.
  • Liam
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    For convenient reference: in:tunes&sort=totalInstances

    Offhand, if memory serves, the common ones tend to be iambic rather than trochaic.

    Assuming you don't want CMD....


    MCGRATH - obscure but delightful: it's a tune by J.J. McGrath (d. 1967) to which Praise To The Holiest was set in the Pius X Hymnal and at #285 in Hymns, Psalms & Spiritual Canticles (it's CM with a CM refrain, so not really CMD)
    SONG 67 - I will always plug Gibbons' tunes when I can
    ST COLUMBA - yeah, faux Irish, but it works
    TALLIS ORDINAL - simple and supernal
    WINCHESTER OLD - lends itself to lovely descants; easy harmony for amateur singers

    Bonus mention for House of The Rising Sun?
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  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    ... the common ones tend to be are by definition iambic rather than trochaic.
  • ronkrisman
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    There are many fine CM tunes. My ten favorite (in alphabetical order) are:

    DOVE OF PEACE (8 6 8 66 – repeats final line of text)
    ST. ANNE

    Closely behind my ten favorites:

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  • Kathy
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  • Richmond (aka Chesterfield)
    Nun danket all' und bringet Ehr (aka Gräfenburg)
    St. Anne
    St. Peter
    Land of Rest
    St. Agnes
    New Britain
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  • BenBen
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  • Richard MixRichard Mix
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    Ahem: Gilligan was mentioned in the original post. HERNANDO'S HIDE-AWAY for LM.
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  • House of the rising sun is in CM.

    Jackson named This endrys nyght. Amen.
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  • DOMINUS REGIT ME for the win.
  • I have no new tune to add just now. But, noticing Rachel's list just above it jumped out at me how different texts and tunes are often made or unmade by their respective pairings. For instance, she listed Austria and Hyfrydol in succession. Can you imagine how almost desecrated 'Love Divine' or 'Alleluya, Sing to Jesus' would be sung to Austria? Or! how utterly bland and lacking in authority would be 'Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken' sung to Hyfrydol?

    Much has been made over some of the inept (and, inapt) pairings of some tunes long associated with given texts which became paired with new texts resulting in a really lackluster match in Worship IV and other hymnals. To be sure, there are many both texts and tunes that are successfully interchangeable, but, all too often the result is unfortunate when a trained ear and poetic sense are lacking.

    Avoided at all costs should be the cavalier matching of a new text which one wishes to have sung, but is matched in one's hymnal with an 'unknown' tune, with just any other tune that the people happen to know. The text will be robbed of its power and the tune will be an inevitable question mark. All congregations should be encouraged to learn new new tunes, enjoy them, and through all of one's considerable teaching skills should be taught to delight in increasing their knowledge and repertory. Attitude is everything. Attitude is everything. Attitude....
  • Liam
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    America a/k/a My Country 'Tis of Thee sounds great sung to MOSCOW.
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  • Well, (ha!) I don't know about great, but it does sound hickey.

    Then there's that old gospel song, 'What a Friend We Have in Jesus' - I once was giving an address to the ladies guild at a church I served, and to illustrate the interchangeablility of texts and tunes, I introduced them to 'What a Friend..' sung to Hyfrydol. Of course, 'What a Friend...' sung to anything is not a Good Thing, but, much to my surprise these ladies all said that they liked it better to Hyfrydol than to its old customary dog-eared and tattered excuse of a tune, Erie.

    And egad!!!
    I just had the most horrid thought - that means that 'Glorious Things...', 'Love Divine...', and 'Alleluya, sing to Jesus' could all be sung to Erie. Please! Don't anyone do that.
  • Richard MixRichard Mix
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    Too late: with so many suggestible people in this forum, you really ought to exercise you considerable authority more responsibly.

    With a concert of devotional trouvere/minnesanger poetry tomorrow (St David of Wales, Richmond California 11:15 AM) I've been playing around with Longfellow's 8787 Vogelweide poem for an encore. Suggestions other than PLEADING SAVIOUR, anybody?
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  • ViolaViola
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    'What a friend we have in Jesus' sounds wonderful sung to Scarlet Ribbons; as you might expect, it gives the words a completely different feel.Try it and see. I think this was the idea of Rev. John Bell of the Iona Community.
    My favourite CM tune is University written by Charles Collignon; I love the joyful leap in the first line, though whether or not it sounds joyful depends on who's singing it.
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  • CAPEL There is a land of pure delight