Jan. 1, Veni Creator Spiritus!
  • It seems fitting to invoke the Holy Spirit at the start of a new calendar year.
    This is the first time I've heard that there is a plenary indulgence attached to the recitation of the hymn "Veni Creator Spiritus" on Jan. 1. How thrilling! I'm sure people have interesting tidbits to share about this.
    At any rate, keep singing!
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  • SalieriSalieri
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    We sang the Te Deum (in English from BFW) last night and sang the Veni Creator (in Latin from the 1934 Ant. Monm.) at both Masses this morning. At at each Mass the priest told the people of the indulgences attached to these hymns.
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  • We also sang the Te Deum, but at a Holy Hour last night. Today's music all centered around Mary, and not on blessings for the new year. I never thought of doing "Veni Creator", but, in retrospect, I can see how beautiful and appropriate it could have been.
  • BruceL
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    I didn't get it together, but did play voluntaries at the end of Masses using both. The Veni Creator indulgence is less well known, for sure.
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    Bump! I wanted to be sure everyone knew about this. Also, is there a "new ICEL" Te Deum? Their site doesn't show anything. I need one in English, probably. Wouldn't be bad to post Veni Creator in English here, either, if someone has it! Thanks for any help you can offer!
  • matthewjmatthewj
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    Time to do the Latin, Bruce.
  • chonakchonak
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    The "Te Deum" is part of the Liturgy of the Hours (the Sunday Office of Readings), so it'll probably be published in connection with an updated edition of the LOTH.
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  • aria
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    Thanks! I'd never heard there were indulgences attached to music... Is there a list somewhere with all that info? Thanks.
  • chonakchonak
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    Some indulgences are associated with certain prayers; whether you sing them or say them doesn't affect whether you meet the conditions for the indulgence.

    The official list of indulgences is a small book called the Handbook of Indulgences (Enchiridion Indulgentiarum). A version in English is available.

    Its predecessor was called the Raccolta, and while its indulgences are no longer available (the current edition replaces it), it's a collection of often beautiful prayers.
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  • MatthewRoth
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    My parish sings the Te Deum after the evening Mass on December 31, and we sing the Veni Creator after Mass on the Octave Day of Christmas. It's so nice that we don't even question doing the Latin...
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  • BruceL
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    I don't think anyone would really "question" doing the Latin here: it's more of an issue of easing people into it. I am never one to make the perfect the enemy of the good. Plus, the choir has had a tough fall season, so I'm giving them the day off and I'm not even playing the 12/31 Mass. So, like all things, it's complicated.
  • Adam WoodAdam Wood
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    Some indulgences are associated with certain prayers; whether you sing them or say them doesn't affect whether you meet the conditions for the indulgence.

    You mean "singing is praying twice" isn't canon law?
  • lmassery
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    Would singing a few verses of Come, Holy Ghost count? E.g., entrance hymn. Or do you have to recite the entire hymn?
  • chonakchonak
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    One of the norms (#25) indicates that an official translation of an indulgenced prayer may be used; it doesn't seem to suggest that a paraphrase or a partial recitation fulfills the conditions. Incidentally, #26 indicates that "it suffices to recite the prayer alternating with another person; or to follow it mentally as another recites it."
    Also, there is a broad provision (#29) for the hearing-impaired and the speech-impaired.
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  • Ted
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    Just a reminder that a plenary indulgence is granted under the usual conditions for those singing or reciting in a church or oratory of the Te Deum on the eve of January 1, and the Veni Creator Spiritus on that day.
    We plan to sing the latter immediately following Mass, then followed by the usual prayer to St Michael and a recessional.

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  • incantuincantu
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    How many verses does one have to sing? Our pastor has imposed a limit of two verses on hymns before and after Mass. I realize the subject of verses is a can of worms, but in this case it is a simple decision to be obedient to the instruction of the pastor.
  • MatthewRoth
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    I would say all of it. It doesn’t specify, but it isn’t as if you can chop off verses of an office hymn since it all builds to the final doxology (nor you should do that to what we usually sing as hymns...).

    I don’t mean to pick a fight, but it’s asinine to insist on only two verses... Besides, you really ought to wait in place during such a hymn and then move with other music. (This is one reason I’d be a poor music director.)
  • incantuincantu
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    I concur. However, "all" verses of some hymns could be as many as 20. Ususlly the editor has selected and reduced verses (cf. All Glory Laud and Honor).
  • All verses with the Veni would be six or seven verses.
    Sorry about the two verse rule, and good for you not to get negative about it. That's admirable patience!
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  • What about singing it during the offertory? That's what we did- plenty of time for the proper and the full hymn when incense was used. YMMV
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  • Kathy
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    That's when I have sung it as well.

    Does a prelude count, for the indulgence?
  • Kathy,

    We have sung Veni Creator immediately before Mass-- i.e., after the Procession, but before the prayers at the foot of the altar.
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  • chonakchonak
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    Does a prelude count, for the indulgence?

    The requirement for the Te Deum and Veni creator indulgences only require that the faithful devoutly assist at the recitation or solemn singing of the respective prayers. It doesn't require that the recitation/singing be conducted during a Mass.
    ["Manual of Indulgences", 2006 edition, page 93, #26]
  • matthewjmatthewj
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    It would however be a problem for the folks who arrive right at 10:00am for the 10:00am Mass if you sang it at 9:55am.
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  • artdob
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    We are including Veni Creator at offertory today at our Extraordinary Form mass. Following the first publication of the music menu without the selection, a choir member noted this indulgence, so it was duly modified. Mark your calendars for next year also.
  • We have benediction on first Sundays, so this year, Veni Creator was sung with its verse and collect in between the O Salutaris and Tantum Ergo.
  • Antonio
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    For a sung TLM ('Missa Cantata'), we have chanted the indulgencing Veni Creator today right after the procession and before the Asperges. We also played a Pachelbel organ verset based on the Veni Creator as cantus firmus through the entrance procession.

    Yesterday, last day of the year, for a thanksgiving Mass and as one of the corresponding indulgence conditions, we chanted the Te Deum as the first chant for a Benediction with the Blessed Sacrament given after the Mass. We also played two Marchand versets for the Te Deum (from the 2me Livre d'Orgue), as a prelude and postlude of the Benediction.
  • tomjaw
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    At our Midnight Mass we sang the Veni Creator, intoned by the celebrant with V/R and collect, when the priest got to the altar steps before Mass.
    At our normal Sunday Mass we sang it after the Asperges... but before the priest started Mass.
    N.B. We sang the Te Deum during Benediction at the end on a holy hour last night around 11.30pm.
  • Ben YankeBen Yanke
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    We sang it directly after the marian antiphon, which we sing weekly after the Last Gospel with the celebrant at the foot of the altar.
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  • scholistascholista
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    The following may be common knowledge, but just in case for some it is not:

    In general, the gaining of indulgences requires certain prescribed conditions...

  • >> We have sung Veni Creator immediately before Mass-- i.e., after the Procession, but before the prayers at the foot of the altar.

    same here. I didn't know there was a special indulgence for it on Jan 1; thanks! blessed new year to all!