Yikes! Prayers please.
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    I was going to post this on FB, then realized that I'm friends with some Mothers:

    Sacred Music Friends: Please pray for me tonight as I am obliged to croon "Santa Lucia" (A love song to a boat) as the Offertory Anthem while some girls with electric candles on their heads and no liturgical sense do something cute. I will not tell you what to pray for (that the organ die? the power fail? laryngitis? nuclear holocaust?), except perhaps that I keep my sanity while I play a sleazy waltz and do my best impersonation of Jose Carreras. Perhaps I'll only use the 4 & 2 ft flutes, the Fourniture and tremolo?

    Maybe I'll wear my official POPE FRANCIS CLOWN NOSE, too!
  • Salieri,

    Please pray for the intercession of St. Thomas More, patron of lawyers. I can't explain the details here, but I encourage you to ask for his help.

  • Hey, you can't do worse than Jerry. (Tom's voice is pretty solid, though.)
  • http://www.mille-soeren.dk/09_Jul/09_santa_lucia/side09_en.htm

    The number of people that today know this as a sacred song probably outnumber those who recognize it as a once popular song.

    You did sing the sacred text, right?

    This is not a pagan ritual.
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    At least it's a very good melody, so enjoy the pain.
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    I improvised a cadenza on the last verse.
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