Nubilem Christi gregorian hymn tune
  • gcasa
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    Can somebody post a mp3 of this hymn melody from Solemnes Liber Hymnarius (same tune for Christe cunctorum sator, Magdalae sidus, Nobilem Christi,Quas tibi laudes)
  • tomjaw
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    I do not have a copy of the Liber Hymnarius to see what melody it is. I do however know of a few sites that have recordings usually of the older melodies.

    Can you upload a scan of the first verse...
  • WGS
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    sorry, not an MP3, but here's a scan from the Liber Hymnarius. (There is also the text of two more verses for several holy women on the following page #322.)
  • gcasa
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    @WGS thx, for posting
    @tomjaw, WGS just uploaded it, I hope that it will help you

    I see that there was an earlier topic on this but it was left unanswered (