Lumen Christi book set
  • Hi everybody!

    I was recently informed that we would be making a purchase of the Lumen Christi Missals and Hymnals for our parish, and the Simple Graduals for our choir. While I am very excited, I am concerned about a few things, and can't find the answers.

    1) When is the Organ Accompaniment book coming out? I know there are scores for the propers, but the hymns?

    2) YouTube recordings of weekly antiphons; are those planned to happen, and how soon?

    3) Are there choral editions of the hymns, or are they all unison?

    4) Finally, the difference between the congregational and choral graduals is...the addition of the full psalms? Anything else?

    Thank you! I look forward to using these books this Advent!
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    I've alerted Adam Bartlett to your questions and assume he will answer them soon. But I want to congratulate you on this wonderful purchase - these are the best books available and are a wonderful resource for you to sink your teeth into!

    If anyone else is thinking about making a purchase, please feel free to contact me on this forum or on Facebook. I can help you make this a reality for your parish!
  • Thank you!
  • Angelina, congratulations also! I know that you will love the books.

    To answer your questions:

    1. The hymn accompaniment book will be available in time for the First Sunday of Advent. We are putting the final touches on it right now, and it will be available very shortly. Be sure to check the Illuminare website and stay tuned to the email list for news on its release.

    2. We have plans to record every antiphon in the Simple Gradual, and this is moving forward slowly. I can't offer anything definitive, but know that they are on their way!

    3. The accompaniment edition of the hymnal will also serve as the choral edition.

    4. The Lumen Christi Gradual (as opposed to the LC Simple Gradual) is that it will include the Responsorial Psalms and Alleluia Verses, yes, but also many additional settings of the antiphons of the Roman Missal and Graduale Romanum. The number of musical settings will be 10 times that of the LCSG. You can probably see why it is taking us so long to complete it!

    Best of luck to you this Advent. I'm sure that the Lumen Christi Series will serve your parish well!

    Adam Bartlett, Editor
  • Adam,
    We here at Our Lady of the Mountains in Jasper, GA, are eagerly awaiting the Lumen Christi Gradual to be published! Can you give us a hint as to when we might expect it? Also, we would still love to see something similar to the LC Missal for our Spanish speaking congregation. We really appreciate all your hard work on this project, and we promote Illuminare Publications at every opportunity. If my choir can help with the recording of the antiphons, let us know. They love your chant settings!
  • One more question: will there be a choir edition of the hymnal?
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    3. The accompaniment edition of the hymnal will also serve as the choral edition.
  • Sorry, I should've read that, thanks. :)
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    Is there any "inside" information about when the full Gradual will be published? The Illuminare site has had "Coming Soon!" for what seems like forever (maybe not - it could just be the little kid in me waiting for this liturgical "Christmas"). I am eager to know the price and contents in comparison to Fr. Weber's Propers, as I'm looking to buy 25 copies for the Choir.
  • The Lumen Christi Gradual continues to move along, but because of its size and complexity it is taking more time than initially anticipated. I have no definite dates, but assure you that it will be worth waiting for!
  • I am waiting with bated breath (not literally, course, don't worry ;)