Whatcha doin' this weekend? OT XXVIII / XXVIII after Pentecost
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    The EF propers for this coming Sunday are quite splendid, IMHO.
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    Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost

    Entrance: O Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness
    Introit: Da pacem
    Gradual: Laetatus sum
    Alleluia: Timebunt gentes
    Offertorio: Sanctificavit Moyses
    Offertory Motet: Tollite Hostias (acapella) Saint-Saens
    Communio: Tollite Hostias
    Communion Motet: Verbum Caro (Palestrina)
    Closing: Joyful, joyful we adore Thee

    Mass setting: Mass II, Missa Fons Bonitatis
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  • The Propers (simplified Gradual).
    Mass 13/Credo 1 (need a break from 11, and we're just leaning this one.)
    Coupla easy choralish motets from the Traditional Roman Hymnal.
    Hymn: Sing my tongue (891 Campion Missal)
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    Organ music by Cabezon
    Hymns (when sung): DIX (For the..), LOBE DEN HERREN (Praise to...)
    Motets: Ave Maria (attr. Victoria), Pange Lingua more Hispano of Victoria
    Movements from Missa Quatri Toni of Victoria
    Gloria (ICEL or XIII depending on which Mass)
    Gregorian Introit, Alleluia, Communion (at Solemn Mass)
    Fr. Kelly Entrance/Communion and Bartlett Offertory at other Masses
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    Dominica Vigesima Octava Per Annum: 'High Mass' - OF

    Prelude: Prelude a la Introit, Dom. XXII Post Pent. "Si iniquitates" - Ch. Tournemire
    Introit (before Mass): If you, O Lord, should mark iniquities- LCG
    Processional: Metrical Psalm, 130 - ERHALT UNS HERR - Christopher L. Webber
    Kyrie: XI
    Glory to God: Mozarabic
    Alleluia: Melismatic mode II - PBC, verse (text) from Graduale
    Offertory: Remember me, O Lord - LCG
    Hymn: My chcemy Boga
    Sanctus: XVIII
    Acclamation: RM3
    Agnus: ad lib II
    Communion: Free me from scorn and contempt - LCG
    Anthem: Psalm 23, Tate & Brady, set to Walney , an anonymous West Gallery tune
    Hymn: Wszystko Tobie
    Parish Anthem: Maryjo Krolowo Polski
    Postlude: Bach: Fantasia in C Major, BWV 570
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  • Motets/anthems: Psalm 23, R. Clausen, O Sacred Feast, H.Willan.

    Hymns: The King of Love My Shepherd Is, My Shepherd You Supply My Need.
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    I love Cabezon's music.
  • This Sunday we will celebrate as the Feast of Saint Edward, King-Confessor. At the 10:00 Missa Cantata. The "Os justi" propers and Mass VIII. Prelude: John Blow's "Behold, O God, Our Defender" and "Let thy hand by strengthened." After the Offertorium: Handel's "The King Shall Rejoice" (lst movmt) followed by hymn "Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation" set by Sir David Willcocks. After the Communio "Beatus vir" with Psalm 33/34- "O Taste and See" by R. Vaughan Williams. Retiring Procession- "For All the Saints."
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    Samuel, thanks for the mention of David Willcocks' setting of Christ is Made the Sure Foundation. I'm going to look that one up. I'm a huge fan of DW.
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  • 4 hymn sandwich at my parish :(

    E: Joyful, Joyful, We Adore You
    O: Panis Angelicus (sung in English, pastor won't allow Latin)
    C: Gift of Finest Wheat
    R: Sing A New Song (Schutte)

    MASS: Mass of Renewal (Curtis Stephan)

    At the school, things are much better from a sacred music standpoint:

    Weekday Mass for tomorrow (Friday 10 October 14):

    Entrance: Joyful, Joyful, We Adore You
    Offertory: Organ Offertory (Ave Verum Corpus)
    Communion: In Salutari Tuo (SEP p. 317); Improvisation to follow
    Meditation: Adoro Te Devote sung by children's choir
    Recessional: I Sing the Mighty Power of God (ELLACOMBE)


    I'm beginning the Offertory Propers next week, as I have a small schola of four girls (who are currently "cantors" (they help with discipline in the choir while I'm at the console and can't really watch the children)) who will be singing the chant.
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    If I may offer a suggestion:

    Why are you doing Panis at Offertory and Finest Wheat at Communion?

    Finest wheat has a faint echo of some of "Let all mortal flesh", which is based on the Hymn for the Great Entrance, which IIRC, corresponds to the Roman Offertory; whereas Panis is a hymn in honor of the Blessed Sacrament, which since the Consecration hasn't happened yet isn't liturgically "there". I mean, He's there in the Tabernacle, but, you know. Finest Wheat is ambiguous enough in its wording (cup, bread, loaf) as to make it unclear whether it's about the Blessed Sacrament or not.

    If I were you I'd switch them.
  • The other issue is that Fr. wants "stuff people can sing," which of course translates to "stuff people will/are willing to sing." I see what you're getting at with switching them and I may just do that. Thank you for the suggestion! We've also been doing those ambiguous Communion Hymns for years there, and I'd love to do SEP (because it's not in Latin: we've got Latin whiners at our parish and Fr. listens agrees with them), but then we've also got the Participation whiners in the same boat with Fr. and they'd complain about missing the hymn (even with three others to sing). The switcheroo might be the ticket for this one, but Finest Wheat has more verses than Panis, especially if we are restricted to English as we are.
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    Have you ever checked out the Taste and See antiphons from Illuminare Publications? "Taste and see that The Lord is good" in all 8 modes. Could easily be a congregational refrain while the actual Communion antiphon could be the first "verse."