OT, Patron Saints Suggestions?
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    I thought it was at this site but cannot find a thread with mostly useful, (some facetious and funny,) suggestions of patron saints to insert in the Litany when everyone's name seemed to be Hunter, (St Hubertus,) Tiffany, (St Eloi,) or Shakira, (I'm at a loss.)

    Anyone know of this and remember the site?


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    On this thread, someone mentioned that Tiffany comes from Theophane, so that might lead to a saint's name; for example, St. Jean-Theophane Venard, a missionary martyr of Vietnam.

    But I don't recall the previous discussion on the point, sorry.

    The whole issue's really a matter for the pastor to sort out if, e.g., a candidate for baptism does not have a historically Christian name. The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults provides for the giving of a Christian name to people who don't have one yet (paragraph #88 in the rite).