Vespers/Benediction Booklet for 1st Vespers Octave Nativity
  • Hugh
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    We're doing Vespers & Benediction (Liber Usualis) to welcome in the New Year. Here's a link to a booklet I've done up if you want to sing along with us! (and it's second from the top)

    Also, we're finishing with the Laudes Regiae, so here's a link to a live recording from the new Juventutem CD of our July Vespers version of that piece (conductor was Dr Scott Turkington, celebrant Cardinal Pell):

    Happy & Blessed New Year to everyone on this great site.

    Hugh Henry

    St Aloysius Traditional Mass Community

    North Caulfield, Melbourne, Australia
  • Dan F.Dan F.
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    Wow! That recording of Laudes Regiae (Christus Vincit) blew me away! I chanted it at home from the PBC last Christ the King, but the strength of that setting nails it! Thanks so much.
  • mjballoumjballou
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    Mad with envy at the Vespers and the lovely booklet. I noticed that the antiphons weren't translated in the "English column." Was there a reason?

    And you just can't go wrong with Christus Vincit.
  • priorstf
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    What Dan F said ... WOW!