Organ program at San Francisco Conservatory of Music
  • Is anyone familiar with the BM organ department at The San Francisco Conservatory of Music? My son is seeking a place to study organ performance and this is closeto our home. However, I haven't heard anything about this program. It isn' even listed on the AGO website under education programs for the study of organ. Any info would be helpful!
  • Never heard about them, but I'll say this- a lot of colleges have closed their organ departments, so the fact that they can keep one open for two students (and now maybe 3) says something.
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  • Consider Houston. There are two very good organ programs (U of Houston, Rice) and lots of great opportunities in a fast-growing part of the country.
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  • On the west coast I would suggest:

    Thornton School of Music (Cherry Rhodes)
    Carol Terry in Seattle.

    Closer to west coast, indeed Houston would be a very good choice too.
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    donanobis3, I'm guessing you're in SF, but just checking...

    Lots of Houston partisans on board here ;-)

    There are other cities in Texas as well! I can recommend the new professor at UT-Austin on the strength of my brother's rec (he started with the Hancocks, whom I worked with, and is now working with Maierhofer, the current prof.) The Germans do things a bit differently than we do, but are very thorough.

    A board member here is studying at North Texas now and enjoying that as well.

    It would also be useful to know what they are expecting to get vis-a-vis a "Catholic education", musically-speaking... I think parts of that are more important to some than others.