I will never, for the life of me figure out...
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    Today, we had a day-long Rosary in Coram Sanctissimum: Mass with Exposition in the morning at 8:00, the Rosary led by various representatives of parish organizations through the day at 1/2 hour intervals, and Benediction at 5:00. I walk into the church at 4:40 - the Rosary is in progress; I notice that after each of the decades they sing, very, very well, the Fatima 'Ave'. I think to myself O Good, we have a singing crowd tonight, and I prepare my stops for a good, solid, blow the roof off, rendition of 'Tantum Ergo' (the same ST THOMAS tune that US Catholics have collectively sung since time immemorial). The tower strike five, the sacristy bell rings, the priest and servers enter, I play one full verse (pleno, sans mixtures), then add the Fourniture for Vs 1 and ... I'm the only one singing. Where is everyone? I look in the mirror, they're still there. I close the Box mid-verse; Vs 2: I drop the mixtures. I still can't hear anyone.

    During the collect I looked down at them: It's all the same people who were loudly singing before: What happened? "per omnia saecula saeculorum". AaaaMeeen! *unaccompanied* Still I'm the only one singing.

    For the closing hymn, 'Immaculate Mary', I played on 8' & 4' flutes, manualiter: and I could finally hear them mumbling away downstairs: Im-ma-oo-aye ma-ee, eye ae-e ee i(ng).

    What is it with some people that as soon as that little bell ring and they are required to sing during the liturgy they reduce their singing to a mumble? Not 10 minutes prior they were knocking the roof off the place - then they don't make a peep. Don't blame a mic'd cantor - we don't have 'em. Never for the life of me will I fathom this out!

    I told the pastor to get a four-stop continuo to put in the back of the church so I don't have to endure the 'fires of Hell' in the loft to play on 8' & 4' flutes with the box shut. (Quasi purple.)
  • Today the people DO NOT know when to sing - yes, they are required to sing during the liturgy, but they won't unless they know exactly when to sing and what they are to sing.

    No program in their hands, no sound out of their mouths.

    The AVE is tradition. There is no tradition for music at Mass today.

    We refuse to learn from the Protestants and as a result our people know do not know when to sing unless there is a visible person sending semaphore singers.

    It's not their fault. Before the Mass they knew that they were to sing the AVE, but during Mass there is no applause sign, Geneuflect sign, sit sign nor a SING THIS sign.

    You don't bet on horses without looking at race program. So why are Catholics expected to have ESP and know when to sing.

    One person singing from the loft tells that it's a solo and they are supposed to listen. A groups of singers from the loft and there is better chance that they will sing....but there are few DM's that can get a groups singers at each Mass.

    Bring Back the High Mass, Bring Back the Low Mass.
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    You would have thought that after 150+ years of singing Tantum Ergo to ST THOMAS, especially in a parish that has Benediction every First Saturday, every Fourth Wednesday with a holy hour (mens' group meeting follows), the Forty Hours, Gorzkie Zale (with Exposition/Benediction) during Lent, and Eucharistic Processions about three times a year, they'd know Tantum Ergo by now.

    Yet, God forbid that the choir should sing a choral setting that 'the people don't know'!
  • I misread - Benediction!

    How many of them actually attend the Benedictions that are celebrated - I bet less than half and that would explain why no one was singing.

    You put Catholics in a room who do not regularly worship together and it's a new ball game.
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    Yikes. Maybe ...
    O Salutaris after the bell during the procession?
    Tantum Ergo during incense?

    If you have OCP disposable missallettes,
    after they expire, tear off the back covers, trim the glue edge, save them in a box,
    place a pile at the main entrance.
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    We do Holy Hours for various needs at the Cathedral regularly. I've been shocked how different groups (those wishing to pray for two FSSP priests who were attacked and one murdered, people praying for an end to the OK Black Mass, and those praying for peace in Iraq) come together and sing so well. We begin with a hymn, sing O Salutaris to JESU DULCIS MEMORIA, chant Tantum Ergo to its Mode III melody, and end with a hymn or Salve Regina. The singing has been outrageously good.

    One altar server told me that he thought the Cathedral choir was in the loft singing as he processed in and only realized later that it was actually the congregation singing Jesus My Lord, My God, My All at the procession of the second Holy Hour.

    I'm not sure if there's a difference of local congregation vs. congregation gathered from afar.
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    Habemus Adoremus. And these were the same people who faithfully attend daily Mass, including First Sat. Mysteries of the Universe.