Italian Composers of Sacred Music
  • Does anyone have an idea as to where I might find or otherwise acquire a copy (or photocopy) of the following sacred works by Italian composers of the School of St. Cicilia in Rome?

    Vito Carnevali (one time organist of St. Ann's Parish Church of the Vatican City):
    - Missa Ave Verum (SATB) - with organ accompaniment
    - Missa Stella Matutina (SATB - with organ accompaniment

    Licino Refice (Moderator cappellae S. Mariae Majoris, Romae atque Magister in Pont. Schola Musicae Sacrae):
    - Missa Choralis (SATB) - with organ accompaniment

    These scores were originally published in New York by J. Fischer and Brothers in 1932, 1924 and 1916, respectively.

    Any of the sacred works by Melchiorre Mauro-Cottone (Director of the Schola Cantorum Pius X), in particular:
    - Ninna-Nanna (A Christmas Lullaby)
    - Regina Coeli

    These two works were published in Boston by McLaughlin and Reilly in 1931 and 1941, respectively.

    I would appreciate any suggestions you may have. Thank you so much.

    Tom Gerald
  • Dear Tom,
    You can contact Mr. Daniel J. Pross in New Jersey. He maintains a collection
    of Latin Choral music. I am sure he will be able to help you with all of these wonderful pieces.
    Fr. John Mangels

    Dan J. Pross
  • Dear Fr. Mangels,

    Thank you so much for the reference. I'll be sure to follow it up.
    Tom Gerald