Chrism Mass Music
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    For those of you participating in/attending the Chrism Mass in your (arch)diocese, what are you singing?

    Here's what's going on in St. Pete:

    Prelude: "Greater Love Hath No Man" (Ireland)
    Entrance: "Church of God" (Daly)
    Kyrie: Mass of Charity and Love (Warner)
    Gloria: Mass of Charity and Love
    Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 89 (Berke) - bilingual English/Spanish
    Gospel Acclamation: "Chrism Mass" (Twynham)
    Consecration of Chrism: "O Redeemer" (Luckner)
    Offertory: "The Spirit of the Lord" (Stopford)
    Sanctus: Mass of Charity and Love
    Mystery of Faith: Mass of Charity and Love - When we eat this Bread...
    Amen: Mass of Charity and Love
    The Lord's Prayer: (Warner) - bishop's favorite
    Agnus Dei: Misa Luna (Kolar) - bilingual
    Communion: "Ave verum corpus" (Byrd) & "Bread of Life from Heaven/Pan de vida eterna" (Haugen)
    Recessional: "Lord, You Give the Great Commission" (ABBOT'S LEIGH)
  • This is a good idea. There aren't many places to share Chrism Mass ideas.

    Prelude - The Lord is My Shepherd (Rutter)
    Processional - Go Up to the Altar of God (Chepponis)
    Entrance Antiphon - Jesus Christ has Made Us into a Kingdom... (Esguerra SATB Simplex)
    Kyrie - Missal
    Gloria - Storrington Mass
    Responsorial Psalm - Psalm 89 (Krisman): bilingual
    Gospel Acclamation - Praise to You, Word of God (Gardner)
    Procession with the Oils - O Redeemer (Chepponis)
    Distribution of Oils / Offertory - The Spirit of the Lord (Stopford)
    Sanctus - Psallite Mass (Collegeville): Spanish
    Mystery of Faith - Psallite Mass: English
    Amen - Psallite Mass
    Lord's Prayer - Missal chant
    Agnus Dei - Mass XVIII, Latin
    Communion Antiphon - You Love Justice (Motyka from
    Communion Procession - Psalm 34 (Krisman): bilingual
    Choir Motet - Ubi caritas (Gjeilo)
    Recessional - The Church's One Foundation: bilingual

    The Stopford is quite the piece. I'm glad to see we're not the only ones doing it.
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    I'm not planning ours, but I can post afterwards... Last year we used your communion ant. Andrew...
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    Entrance: I bind unto myself (ST. PATRICK'S BREASTPLATE)
    Ent. Antiphon: Weber
    Kyrie: Proulx Simplex
    Gloria: Mass VIII
    Responsorial Psalm: Guimont
    Verse before the Gospel: Bartlett, Mode II
    Offertory (remainder): Ave Maria (Biebl)
    Hymn for the Blessing of the Oils: O Redeemer (Weber arr. of traditional)
    Mass: Proulx Simplex
    Communion Antiphon: Weber
    Communion: Gift of finest Wheat (BICENTENNIAL)
    Anthem: The Lord is my Shepherd (Rutter)
    Closing: Lift High the Cross (CRUCIFER)
    Voluntary: BWV 548 Prelude

    This is probably the most choral music/chant we've done in English in a while. This is our only "facetime" with a lot of the pastors of the diocese, so I tend to go more English chant just to show them that there are resources out there for those of them who don't like Latin...

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    Entrance Hymn Lift High the Cross (English/Spanish) Crucifer
    Introit Dilexisti iustitiam
    Kyrie & Gloria Missa de angelis Mass VIII
    Responsorial Psalm Psalm 89 in English & Spanish (Rudy de Vos)
    Gospel Acclamation Praise and honor to You (Chepponis)
    Offertory Ubi Caritas Ola Gjeilo
    Eucharistic Acclamations Community Mass (Proulx)
    Agnus Dei Missa de angelis Mass VIII
    Communion antiphon Dilexisti iustitiam
    Communion motet Ave Verum Corpus Colin Mawby
    Tri-lingual Communion Song That All May Be One in Christ (Manalo)
    Recessional Praise to You, O Christ, Our Savior (Farrell)
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  • It’s nice to see what others are doing for the Chrism Mass, as I’m always looking for fresh ideas. We’re using organ, string quartet, oboe, and diocesan choir. Here’s our list:

    • Brandenburg Concerto in G (J. S. Bach), adapted for string quartet
    • We Keep the Sacred Feast (J. S. Bach, arr. James Winfield). An arrangement of the “Air” from Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major for strings and SATB choir. Published by WLP. Nice!
    ENTRANCE HYMN: Risen Lord, We Gather Round You (Text by Stuempfle, #840 in Worship IV, selected verses. Tune: BEACH SPRING.)
    GLORIA: from Mass for the People of God (Chepponis)
    RESPONSORIAL: Psalm 89 (Guimont), choir SATB on psalm-tone verses
    GOSPEL ACCLAMATION: from Mass for the People of God (Chepponis)
    PRESENTATION OF OILS/GIFTS: O Redeemer (Chepponis)
    EUCHARISTIC ACCLAMATIONS: from Community Mass (Proulx)
    LAMB OF GOD: from Corpus Christi Mass (Proulx, adapted), based on Adoro Te
    • Ubi Caritas (Duruflé), choir
    • Eat This Bread (Taizé), congregation
    • The Lord Is My Shepherd (Rutter), choir, strings, oboe
    RECESSIONAL HYMN: The Spirit Sends Us Forth To Serve (Text: Dufner. Tune: AZMON)
    POSTLUDE: Church Sonata in D Major (Mozart, K. 245), organ & strings

    We did the Stopford "The Spirit of the Lord" last year for both Chrism Mass and Priesthood Ordination. It is a great piece!
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  • LAMB OF GOD: from Corpus Christi Mass (Proulx, adapted), based on Adoro Te

    I'd love to see your adaptation. I had a local music director ask me about this a couple of months ago, and I helped her reset it to fit the Missal text. I'm sure you did it better than I did.
  • I'd love to see your adaptation. I had a local music director ask me about this a couple of months ago, and I helped her reset it to fit the Missal text. I'm sure you did it better than I did.
    Well, I doubt that I did any better than you did, Andrew, but I simply fit the words "Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world" to the first phrase of Proulx's music, but with all notes of equal rhythmic value. To do so, the original open note "A" at the end of the word "God" ("Jesus, Lamb of God") now becomes two "A" notes (and becomes "-way the"). The word "sins" is slurred on two notes (G-F#). No problem with the third "Lamb of God." I hope that makes sense!

    (By the way... thanks for using my "Go Up to the Altar of God" and "O Redeemer.")
  • Actually, that's exactly the same as what I did.
  • Philip Stopford has also written a gorgeous setting of "Come down, O Love divine" that I used last year on Pentecost (and will continue to do so).

    Tournemire, I love Mawby's Ave verum corpus and just wish I had the forces (other than on Christmas and Easter, when I get to hire in extra men) to do it .
  • In Memphis...

    Prelude: If Ye Love Me, Tallis & Sicut Cervus, Pierluigi
    Procession: Lord of Old, You Chose a People (Nettleton)
    Gloria: Mass of the Angels
    Psalm: Cantaré Eternamente, Reza
    Acclamation: Gospel Acclamation for Lent, Pishner
    Acclamation after Renewal of Commitment: You are a Priest forever, Psallité
    Response to the two "intercessions:" Christ, Hear Us, Christ Graciously Hear Us (from Litany of the Saints)
    Presentation of Oils and Gifts: O Redeemer, Cerisier
    Between the Blessing/Consecreation of Oils: Oils Hymn, Dufner/Quinn (Stuttgart)
    Preparation of the Altar and Gifts: Ubi Caritas, Duruflé
    Eucharistic Acclamations: A Community Mass, Proulx
    Communion Antiphon: Forever I Will Sing, Rice
    Communion Procession: Love is His Word, arr. Proulx (Deblasio)
    Distribution of Oils: Litany of the Diocese of Memphis, Starr
    Recessional: Brass and Organ

    Program attached.
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    2015 Chrism Mass for the Diocese of St. Petersburg:

    Choral Prelude: "The Spirit of the Lord" (Stopford)
    Entrance: "We Have Been Chosen" (Willcock)
    Kyrie: Litany of the Saints chant with Hassler Missa Secunda alternatum
    Gloria: Revised A New Mass for Congregations (Andrews, arr. Biery)
    Responsorial Psalm: "Salmo 88: Cantaré eternamente/Psalm 89: For Ever I Will Sing" (Reza)
    Gospel Acclamation: Chrism Mass (Twynham)
    Blessing of Oils/Consecration of Chrism: "O Redeemer" (Luckner)
    Offertory: "How Lovely Are the Messengers" from Saint Paul (Mendelssohn)
    Sanctus, Mysterium, Amen: Mass of Charity and Love (Warner)
    Pater noster: (Warner)
    Agnus Dei: Misa Luna (Kolar) - en español solamente
    Communion Motet: "Ave verum corpus" (Stopford)
    Communion Psalm: "Salmo 41: Como busca la cierva/Psalm 42: Like a Deer" (Peña)
    Recessional: "Lord of Old, You Chose a People" (HYFRYDOL)
  • Caleferink -
    How admirable that you are doing the likes of Ireland's 'Greater Love'!
    Such anthems as this rarely, if ever, find a place in Catholic liturgy, and this is to be regretted. I must admit, though, that I would do it as an offertory anthem and not as a prelude. But then, I'm rather wedded to the concept of organ voluntaries as 'preludes'.
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    MJO, you were commenting on LAST YEAR'S order of worship.

    This year there is lesser love for Ireland in Saint Petersburg.
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    This year there is lesser love for Ireland in Saint Petersburg.

    *sigh* True, but apparently there's quite a bit of it for Stopford (not that that's a bad thing...). I do love the Ireland piece, though...and the country.
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    This is what we heard at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Charlotte, NC yesterday:

    Prelude: CM Widor, Andante Sostenuto (Symphonie Gothique)
    Entrance: To Jesus Christ Our Sovereign King
    Introit: Dilexisti
    Kyrie: Mass VIII
    Gloria: Mass VIII
    Offertory chant/Procession with oils: O Redeemer (adapted by Fr. Samuel Weber OSB)
    Offertory motet: Mendelssohn, Justitiae Domini
    Sanctus: Mass VIII
    Agnus Dei: Mass VIII
    Communion antiphon: Justice you love (By Flowing Waters)
    Communion chant: Dilexisti
    Communion Motet: Michael Haydn, Protector Noster
    Closing antiphon: Ave Regina Caelorum
    Closing hymn: O Worship the King
    Postlude: Bruhns, Praeludium in G
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    I guess I can revive this thread since my Chrism Mass music for St. Petersburg came last night:

    Choral Prelude: "O Saviour of the World" (Goss)
    Introit: "Canticle of Jesus Christ, Our Redeemer" (RM Introit with Rev. 5 - Gouin)
    Kyrie: Kyrie XVI with Missa L'Hora Passa alternatum (Viadana, ed. Proulx)
    Gloria: A New Mass for Congregations (Andrews, ed. Biery)
    Responsorial Psalm: "Cantaré eternamente/Forever I Will Sing" (Reza)
    Gospel Acclamation: Chrism Mass (Twyndham)
    Procession with Oils: "O Redeemer" (Luckner)
    Offertory: "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross" (G.M. Martin)
    Sanctus/Mysterium/Amen: Mass of Charity and Love (Warner)
    Pater noster: (Warner)
    Agnus Dei: Misa Luna (Kolar)
    Communion: "Ave verum corpus" (Becker) & "I Will Sing Forever of Your Mercies, O Lord" (RM Communion w/ Ps. 89 - Gouin)
    Recessional: "God, We Praise You for the Calling" (text by Dalles, originally set to RUSTINGTON, reset to HYMN TO JOY, arr. Biery)
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    I'm not knocking you personally, but I feel like this is what God is listening to when he hears the Warner Our Father in the context of the Pater Noster at Mass... Well, at least the first line...
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    @BruceL: Not my choice, not the cathedral music director's choice, but mandated by our bishop (who turns 75 in May). Everyone here is sick of it and would probably echo what you posted!
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    I know, thus the caveat! We had the Becker Litany of the Saints every year at my old job. Lord have mercy!
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    Our pastor mandated the end of the Becker year before last. The new pastor hasn't changed that and the associate says, "don't bring it back." Works for me.
  • Just curious - how do you all get choirs for this? Ours is at 11 AM on a weekday (mainly to accommodate lengthy drive times for the priests in a large geographical diocese) and I can't even hire people to sing. We're lucky to get 10 singers. Do you have diocesan-wide choirs in most places?
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    In my archdiocese there is an archdiocesan choir which sings at the Chrism Mass which is at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday of Holy Week. (The Cathedral Parish choir does the remainder of Holy Week.) Unlike other sees, it is not a command performance for all priests so it works well at night.
  • Our situation mirrors Chaswjd's exactly. We are a very small diocese (something like 60,000 Catholics), and end up with 40-50 in the diocesan choir. We have 3 2-hour rehearsals on the preceding Sundays.
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    My friend Jared is just to the north of me and I deal with the same problem. Our mass is usually at 2:00 p.m. to accommodate lengthy drives for some. This year we are doing Chrism mass before the school's spring break thus allowing me to bring in our choir from the Catholic High School next door. My problem is finding instrumentalists at that time.
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    Time to bump this thread again - just got my Chrism Mass bishop, I think we're making some improvements, slowly but surely (although much of the old guard in the diocesan worship office is still in place - the bishop was only installed in January. Some recycling has obviously been done here, too.)

    Diocese of St. Petersburg
    The Most Rev. Gregory L. Parkes
    Fifth Bishop of St. Petersburg

    Choral Prelude: "The Spirit of the Lord" (Stopford)
    Introit: "Canticle of Jesus Christ, Our Redeemer" (Gouin)
    Entrance of the Bishop (!): "Ecce sacerdos" (Stadler)
    Kyrie: Mass XVI/Missa L'Hora Passa (Viadana) alternatim
    Gloria: A New Mass for Congregations (Andrews, arr. Biery)
    Psalm 89: "Cantaré etenramente/Forever I Will Sing" (Reza - can't win 'em all)
    Gospel Acclamation: Chrism Mass (Twynham)
    Blessing of Oils/Consecration of Chrism: "O Redeemer" (arr. Luckner)
    Offertory: "Greater Love Hath No Man" (Ireland - he's back in St. Pete!)
    Sanctus/Mysterium/Amen: A Community Mass (Proulx)
    The Lord's Prayer: RM chant (no more Warner!)
    Agnus Dei: Mass XVIII/Mass for Four Voices (Byrd) alternatim
    Communion: "Ave verum" (Guilmant) & "Amén. El Cuerpo de Cristo" (Schiavone)
    Recessional: "Lord, You Give the Great Commission" (ABBOT'S LEIGH)
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    Prelude - Lord Make Me to Know, Byrd
    Hymn - Jesus Shall Reign DUKE STREET
    Introit - Dilexisti Iustitiam, Mode VIII
    Kyrie/Gloria - Missa Quarti Toni, Victoria
    Psalm in Spanish, Bartlett
    Tract - Confitemini, Mode II
    Procession of Oils - O Redemptor, Mode II
    Sanctus XVIII
    Agnus Dei - Missa Quarti Toni, Victoria
    Communion Chant - Meloche
    Motet - Ubi Caritas, Mueller
    Motet - O Sacrum Convivium, Parker
    if needed Hymn - Be Still My Soul, FINLANDIA
    Hymn - Holy God We Praise Thy Name, GROSSER GOTT
  • Well they aren't letting me sing at Chrism Mass this year... I guess the conductor doesn't like me on the Select choir for some reason...

    I'll post the list of music when I know what it was/is. Maybe I can sneak into singing...
  • This is the first Chrism Mass with our new bishop, so I kept things pretty simple, and similar to last year, and will see if he requests any changes for next year. So far he has been very easy to work with and appreciative of the work we do at the Cathedral in regards to music.

    In Memphis...

    Procession: Canticle of Jesus Christ, Our Redeemer - Gouin
    Gloria: Missa Simplex
    Psalm: Psalm 89 (in English & Spanish) - Goldsmith/Cerisier
    Acclamation: Missa Simplex
    Acclamation after Renewal of Commitment: You are a Priest forever - Cerisier
    Response to the two "intercessions:" Audi Nos et Exaudi Domine (as done at Benedict XVI's installation)
    Presentation of Oils and Gifts: O Redeemer - Cerisier (revised with 2010 ICEL text)
    Preparation of the Altar and Gifts: Ubi Caritas - Duruflé
    Eucharistic Acclamations: Missa Simplex
    Communion Procession: Communion Antiphon for Chrism Mass - Gouin
    Recessional: Brass and Organ (TBD)
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    We sang the Ireland "Greater Love" for the closing of 40 Hours at a local church. Being at an FSSP parish, we wouldn't sing it during Mass--but a gem nevertheless!
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    Diocese of La Crosse (Wisconsin)
    Chrism Mass 2017

    Prelude: Symphonie III Adagio (L. Vierne)
    Processional: Lord of Old You Chose a People (I. Fisher/NETTLETON)
    Introit: Dilexisti Iustitiam (Chant)
    Gloria: Mass for a Servant Church (M. Guimont)
    R. Psalm: Forever I Will Sing [Ps. 89] (R. Twynham)
    Gospel Acclamation: Based on Kyrie Orbis Factor (B. Luckner)
    Oil Procession: O Redeemer (B. Luckner)
    Preparation: Christus Factus Est Pro Nobis Obediens (J. G. Rheinberger)
    Sanctus: Mass for the City (R. Proulx)
    Memorial Acc.: Mass for the City (R. Proulx)
    Amen: Mass for the City (R. Proulx)
    Lord's Prayer: English Chant (R. Snow)
    Agnus Dei: Missa super "Dixit Maria" (H. L. Hassler)
    Communion I: Blessed Be God Forever (R. Proulx)
    Communion II: I Will Sing Forever of Your Mercies (B. Luckner)
    Recessional: The Church's One Foundation (S. Stone/AURELIA)
    Postlude: Sonata III in A Major Con Moto Maestoso (F. Mendelssohn)
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    I watched a re-broadcast of our local C. Mass; can't un-see, unhear, fathom.....sigh.