Third Sunday of Ordinary Time, Communion 'Venite post me'
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    Quick question on the Communion for Sunday III: 'Venite post me':

    On the syllable 'fa' of 'faciem', does the porectus (in S.Gall) have an episema on it, or is that a slight smudge in the Triplex? For some reason I'm having a hard time locating this MS on e-codices. Thanks.
  • Hello Salieri,
    Looks like a "torculus resupinus", a porrectus with an additional note at the beginning. Besides an episema is usually found in the middle of a 3-ascending notes neume, with a tone-semitone progression. That one has a huge fourth at the beginning. But I'm not a specialist in St-Gall neumes.
    Here is a table listing the neumes (Sémiologie Grégorienne - Dom Cardine):

    For this Comm. Venite post me the Triplex has only one line of neumes with an [E] indicating book No 121 from Einsiedeln. The Communion proper is found on board 310 in the Paléographie Musicale IV:

    Going back to the source... the original manuscript, page 310:

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    Thank you, Jacques.

    So it looks (to me - and I'm not an expert either) like that is a torculus resupinus with an augmentative lequescent on the last note.