The Baptism of Our Lord
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    Does anyone know some - preferably Latin - hymns that can be used for the Baptism of Our Lord? Or possibly some organ pieces that I can play and have our Choir sing? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much!
  • I'm playing "When Jesus Comes to be Baptized" (Winchester New).
    Besides that, I'd be interested to hear what anybody else has come up with.
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    (I would be remiss if I didn't point to O Seas and RIvers, Hymn #8 on the page Melo mentions.)
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    Latin Hymns for the Baptism of the Lord (apart from the Office hymns for Epiphany, on whose Octave day it was once celebrated) are:
    A Patre Unigenite
    Implente munus debitum

    You'll find their melodies in the OF Dominican Antiphonarium, that is hosted by musicasacra.
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    You guys are Great! Thanks so much for all the suggestions. I have one more favor. Does anyone know where I might find the organ music to "A Patre Unigenite" or
    "Implente munus debitum?"
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  • Implente munus debitum was the topic of discussion here last June and July. You might want to do some searching through threads of that time. This masterful hymn is a cento of an ancient hymn (XIth century or earlier) which was resurrected as the office hymn at second vespers of the new Vatican II solemnity of the Baptism of the Lord. A marvellous English translation was done for us by our anonymous friend, MHI.

    I commissioned from Gregory Hamilton (of Holy Trinity Seminary in Dallas) an organ piece based on this chant and played it in recital at St Basil's Chapel at Houston's UST on the recent solemnity of Christ the King. It's a splendid piece which I commend heartily as very appropriate for Baptism. Warning, though: it isn't easy.
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    Your point is intriguing. Um, could you elaborate???
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  • Ah. I thought I found something Mary was looking for, but after writing my post, I noticed that I was wrong. I therefore deleted the post.
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    Thanks guys! You were all very helpful! I think I've found a lot of good things to go on! Have a good weekend, everyone!
  • I'm using "Baptised in Water" sung to Bunessan.
  • I'm playing "When Jesus Comes to be Baptized." I'd like to look at the "Baptised in Water" (Bunessan) for next year. Where would I be able to find that? [Forhead slap......that's what google is for]
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    For one, it's in Worship III.
  • I don't know where you would find it. I got it in Gather Australia. It isn't a bad one. Celtic melodies tend to be a good pleaser across the board from the traditional to contemporary types.
  • "Baptised in Water" (Bunessan) It's in OCP Today's Missal , Music Issue 2014 . Also, likely many other publications.
  • ronkrisman
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    Hi, I'm not sure yet what we might be doing at the beginning of mass but I wrote this using the antiphon from the missal for the blessing of candles. The verses are from The Grail and are the ones used in our Gather hymnal. I am thinking of a random bell ring while candles are lit and then using the music below as the processional - if the people have candles in their hands they won't have to hold books. We'll sing Sylvia Dunstan's setting of Nunc Dimittus to REGENT SQUARE at the end of mass.image
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