Welcoming the stranger, welcome to your job.
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    There's been a fair amount of discussion on/off board about "welcoming" folks, or being a welcome presence in the management of parish liturgies and administration, welcoming divergent opinions and such.
    For the last three Sundays I noticed the young man below attending our Ensemble Mass. He generally came in about a half an hour early, went to a pew towards the middle of the church. His sartorial precision and bearing was quite striking.
    This morning he came in, we exchanged glances and I blurted out "You look like a singer to me."
    "I do?"
    "Absolutely. Do you?"
    "I don't know. I have thought about it, don't know if I can or not."
    "Want to find out? Just sit in with us, we don't rehearse this group formally anyway. This is also the Mass where the music is 'contemporary.'"
    "Really? I like the style, except for the Alleluia."
    "Oh, we're changing that soon anyway. Why don't you give it some thought?"
    "Okay, sure."
    "Well, okay then."

    Five minutes later he presents himself and says "I think I'd like to try."
    I didn't hear a sour note the whole Mass long. And I changed the Gospel Acclamation for him in anticipation.
    End of Mass, pats on the back, "Welcome to the group, Michael!"

    I actually see a potential/future schola member here. I suppose the bow tie didn't hurt in that.
    But, we can help someone out, help ourselves out, change someone's view of Mass, change our view of our jobs, in just a split second by a simple smile and a question, right there before Mass.
    Welcome, Michael...image
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    Bravo, Melo! I understand completely why you might think Michael was musically inclined. What a personable young fellow! He does indeed look like an artiste of some kind.

    On a hunch since he was dressed so creatively and tastefully, I once asked a young man at church if he was a singer, and what do you know, he didn't sing, but he wrote operettas so I wasn't too far off. Maybe it takes one to know one, or something like that. : )
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    I am quite curious, Melofluent: what does your ensemble consist of?

  • melofluentmelofluent
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    Pianists (both pros)
    1 guitar which also drives a Roland GK55 synth
    2 violins
    1 flute
    1 clarinet
    1 horn in F

    All instrumentalists symphony level