• bkenney27bkenney27
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    When you raise funds for the Music Ministry (ie through concerts, et al) how are those funds handled by the church? There are three sort of options I can think of here:

    1) The go directly back to the Parish to offset the cost of running the Music Ministry for the Parish.
    2) They are set aside (effectively, increase your budget) specifically for the Music Ministry.
    3) They are applied to general Music expenses and any surplus goes back to the Music Ministry.


    Just curious. My pastor and I are discussing this now.
  • Adam WoodAdam Wood
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    (1) removes any incentive you have for doing your own fundraising.
    I'm not sure how (3) is effectively different that (1).

    (2) is the only reasonable one, in my opinion.

    Although there is also:
    4)Abscond in the middle of the night.
  • CharlesW
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    Take the money and run. Also, take the middle-C trumpet pipe with you. It increases your leverage in negotiations. LOL.

    I agree, (2) is the only reasonable one. What I raise goes into a choir account.
  • matthewjmatthewj
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    I once ran a whacky music program that was entirely self-sufficient, other than a full-time Music Director and part-time Assistant who were paid by the church. All other funds used for the program (music, instrument maintenance, stipended musicians, continuing education) were funded by the concert series. In years that we had poor attendance or shoddy concerts, I had to be more thrifty.

    It was weird and I'd never do it again, but it was an interesting challenge.
  • canadashcanadash
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    Fundraise? I'd never have time to fundraise. Someone suggested this to me when we were looking to purchase new choir gowns. There's no way I could ask choristers to do more than what they already do through the year. No gowns until we found something more reasonable.
  • melofluentmelofluent
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    In years that we had poor attendance or shoddy concerts, I had to be more thrifty.

    Remove my name from endorsement leest of pipples supporting Meloche for NPM Premier, uh....Prime Meeneester.....uh.....Prezeedent.
    Zhenkuyah, spatziba.
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  • jpal
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    For us it is #2 as well. As of right now, I do not put anticipated donations in the budget, so anything that we can raise is added to our budget.
  • Matthew
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    #2 is what we use at my cathedral. Though, to be honest, I am highly vigilant that all money received via concerts or other efforts makes its way to the music ministry and not to other areas. Guess I'm too much a product of my 1980's upbringing - trust but verify.
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