A survey for schola leaders:
  • A 10 question survey for schola leaders:


    Results will be posted.
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  • should I post this on NLM?
  • Sure!
  • Done. I wish there was an option for those of us who don't sing regularly for a Mass. We take about a month to work up a Vespers, then we do the same for a TLM and fit an English chant Mass in there where we can.
  • Jan
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    Done. Thx. I look forward to the results.
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    I'm with Michael O. The schola has sung at only 2 Masses since the departure of our previous pastor 18 months ago. Vespers has been okay though.
  • mjballoumjballou
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    Done. Me too for the non-Mass schola types. We should form a "Latin Vespers Society."
  • Deus in adjutorium meum intende!
  • 44 responses so far, this survey cuts off at 100 responses.

    Once this one is over I will post the info gained, and then it would be of interest to do another one that more closely defines who, what and when.
  • Done, and looking forward to seeing the results!
  • We've reached the 100 mark, so the survey is over and you may view results at:


    Choose Survey from the menu list....it will download as a PDF.
  • So I gather from the responses that most leaders are upaid, the schola is unfunded by the parish, and expenses are paid mostly by schola members, who also pay for their own training. I read this survey to suggest that in general parishes are not financially backing scholas but they are thriving anyway.
  • What I noticed was that there were 100 schola leaders who read and participate frequently in this list. More got paid than I thought.

    The numbers of singers were higher in groups than I expected, which is encouraging. And almost half are not being relegated to an evening Mass out of the way. And 26% are singing the Main Mass....pushing a lot of guitarists out in the cold. That's not all bad.

    Only 8 out of 100 scholas sing everything with the organ, with fully a capella groups 4% larger than those that occasionally use organ. And the majority, though it is close, are PART of the church music program. And 48% of them get funded by the parish.

    4 out of 10 are now paid, which is a good sign and progress, no?

    A complete survey, well-crafted, might produce some useful information for publication.

    And then next time, we need to ask how much we spend on CD!

    Thanks to all that responded, and I apologize for those that were rejected when we hit 100. Survey Monkey is free up to 100. And very useful for getting feedback from your schola....
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    This afternoon I learned that for financial reasons, our pastor has terminated Noel's (part-time, not very lucrative) job. We're hoping perhaps the decision can be revisited in the next few days.

    Noel has built a wonderful music program (polyphony, chant in Latin and English, dignified hymns) and tried very faithfully to implement the church's vision for liturgical music.

    I ask your prayers for Noel and the music program and choristers at SJN.

    I'm starting the novena to St. Cecilia today.

  • GavinGavin
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    Darn. I have a theory midterm tomorrow, but now it seems I have to skip that to go picket in TN. I'll get to work on my "No on 4" signs!

    Seriously though, not only Noel and his parish, but all of the sacred music world is a little worse off because of this. Of course his parish's loss is another's great gain!
  • marymezzomarymezzo
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    Please come and picket. I'll feed you and put you up.


    The sad thing is this: no Catholic parishes in the diocese have openings at the moment (several were filled this summer), very few pay their music directors more than a pittance, and very few pastors are on board with the reform of the reform.

    Noel's best chance of making of living wage as a music director will be among the Protestants.

  • francisfrancis
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    Please don't go to the protestants! Pray, suffer and wait for God to direct you.
  • mjballoumjballou
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    Prayers for Noel - and for all who are feeling like God's slapping them "upside the head" as far as liturgical music goes. Francis' advice is right, but oh, so hard to follow.

    Mary Jane