SMTV wants your contributions!
  • Last month I started a series on my blog called "Sacred Music Television" a.k.a. SMTV which usually airs every Friday morning. (You may view the current "season" here.)

    If during your off-hours Google Video or YouTube browsing, you find a video that's worthy of further exposure on, please e-mail me at

    Contributions would preferably include an entire work or movement rather than an excerpt, but nothing will be disqualified without a viewing. Contributions to be considered include, but are not necessarily limited to:
    • Concert performances of sacred music
    • Sacred music performed in a liturgical context
    • Paraliturgies
    • Instructional videos
    • Video montages
    • Eastern churches

    Right now we are looking for videos for the final two weeks of November as well as Vol. II which will start on the First Week of Advent. Lenten and Eastertide videos are especially welcome.

    This can also be a way of publicizing your own video recordings if you have any!

    Full credit will be given to those whose works/contributions are accepted.
  • Carl DCarl D
    Posts: 992
    Awesome! Any way you could package this up as a podcast so I can subscribe and get postings automatically into iTunes?
  • Carl, the only thing that I'm using for post syndication at the moment is the default RSS feed on my website. Here's a link to it. I could look into the podcasting option, but I'm not inclined to do so as pretty much all of the material isn't mine.

    The site feed will also include other timely information for the church year; a chronological republishing of excerpts of Dom Dominic Johner's Chants of the Vatican Gradual is also scheduled for the 2008-2009 liturgical year. More details on that will follow soon.
  • Carl DCarl D
    Posts: 992
    I'll go ahead and subscribe to the RSS, thanks. I understand why there's other concerns and more work around a podcast. Doesn't hurt to ask though!