Chant Workshops with Susan Hellauer
  • For those within driving distance of Cambridge, Massachusetts, Susan Hellauer, founding member of Anonymous 4, will lead two chant workshops next month at St. Paul Roman Catholic Church. The first is Saturday, October 4, from 9:30AM to 5PM and the cost is $95 (lunch not included). The second session is on Sunday, October 5, from 1:15-5PM with a cost of $65. You may attend one or both workshops. A notebook and materials will be provided.

    The programs will be structured around a number of plainchant topics in which a brief illustrated lecture will be followed by group singing. Each session will be limited to 30 people. Registration begins on September 13. See the Boston Early Music Festival web page <—-chant-camp-workshop >
    for details. The workshop will be held in DiGiovanni Hall on the first floor of the Boston Archdiocesan Choir School (the building next to the church).

    [The promotional material did not indicate at what chant level these workshops will be pitched; if there any CMAA members who have attended a Hellauer workshop, please share your experiences.]

    One note of caution to those not initiated to Harvard Square parking: it is a nightmare. The church has limited parking. Leave your car at a suburban T station parking lot and take the train!
  • Susan is a lovely person. I had some correspondence with her regarding some polyphony from Las Huelgas that they were using on one of the CDs. Anon 4 is a super ensemble too.