Litany of the saints chant accompaniment
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    Hi everyone,

    I'm using the litany of the saints chant version for Holy Saturday this year. I do not have an accompaniment for it. I'm looking for it in the key of G.

    If someone could attach it for me, I'd appreciate it!

    Thanks so much!
  • It's in the OCP accompaniment book. If you can't get one, email me and I'll scan it for you.
  • The New Roman Missal III has the accompaniment. Please check it against the OCP accompaniment books, as some of the chants have changed.
  • chonakchonak
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    What edition of the Missal has the accompaniment? I'm looking at a copy of the USCCB Publishing edition, and have not found it.
  • The new ocp accompaniment books have the updated litany.
  • henry
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    Cantica Nova Publications has a nice accompaniment.
  • Why would someone want to accompany the Litany with instruments? I'm not trying to be unpleasant. I do genuinely want to know what the purpose of doing this would be.

  • CharlesW
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    To keep certain tone deaf sections of my choir on pitch. As I mentioned on a related thread, I semi-accompanied it with a soft stop audible only to the choir, and only on the responses. It worked beautifully. You understand, I hope, that I make no apologies to those who think chant should only be unaccompanied. Even the Church doesn't agree with that.
  • cgz - some of us can only get away with doing "chant" when we accompany it, so the powers that be that don't like "chant" don't realize it's "chant". Accompanying chant is certainly not illicit.
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    Why would someone want to accompany the Litany with instruments? I'm not trying to be unpleasant. I do genuinely want to know what the purpose of doing this would be.

    I'm fine with this question, it's not unpleasant at all.
    We chant (English) LoS at Vigil in a manner that I liken to the exchange, or "handoff" of a football from a quarterback to a running back. In that exchange there is a brief moment where each player's hand touches the ball simultaneously and then the running back hopefully advances the ball forward.
    So, when the cantor intones the name and then cadences with the descending interval, last syllable, the congregation should be already on the first note/syllable of "PRAY for us." And this momentum should not be slowed down, or allowed to meander.
    Now, tho' I'm sure my organist and all of you out there could accomodate that, but there are other organists who might not "get" the handoff concept, and choose to separate the phrasing. That would seem counterproductive and injurious to the Litany, IMO, YMMV.
  • I can see accompanying a Gloria or a Credo (for these I, too, accompany). I guess it strikes me as odd to accompany a single voice (cantor) and then the choir and congregation for something so repetitive. I would think the chances of something going wrong would argue against it, precisely because the momentum shouldn't be allowed to slow down.

    In an especially large building, it might be useful to have the organ keep all the voices together, but they would be slowing down because of the building in any event.

    Please tell me that you detached the musician from his (or her) microphone before attempting this. Cantors shouldn't croon.


  • CharlesW
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    What? No crooning cantors? Next you will throw out the dancing nuns. You're no fun at all. LOL.

    It is sometimes difficult to find non-crooning cantors. They can act like they are really lounge singers. That's why mine are in the back and stick to the printed score.
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    Could someone send me a scan of organ accompaniment for litany of the saints?