English-language Tuesday/Thursday Evening Prayer for academic terms
  • Here is a Tuesday/Thursday Evening Prayer book (2.6MB, 167pp PDF), that a then-student and I put together for the Cornell University campus ministry back in 2002-2003, intended for use during the Fall and Spring semesters. I have no idea whether they even hold Evening Prayer anymore, but maybe those of you in academic environments can use this as a reference.

    Some of the antiphon settings (whose melodies are taken from the Office via the Graduale Simplex) are clunky in retrospect, but it was a first effort. The printed book employed placeholder ribbons, too, so there is a fair bit of jumping around.
  • Dan F.Dan F.
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    Very nice! I very much appreciate your english rendering of the Magnificat. I abandoned my effort recently. Thanks for the post!
  • Beth
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    Thanks much! I will put this to good use