Virgin Great and Glorious
  • I'm looking for a fully harmonized version of this lovely Basque hymn. Dr. Leo Nestor did an arrangement of this and I've done it with my choirs - however, I'd like to be able to use this text more frequently and would like to find an interesting version that takes into consideration the palpable forward motion of this piece.
    Anyone ever run into such an "animal". Thank you!
  • ps... I've written it out myself in the past, but can't find it and am not up to speed on Musescore or Finale. (need down time...but that's elusive...)
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  • Maureen
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    There's a nice version on YouTube here, and I suppose you might ask the poster who arranged it that way.
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  • Mike R
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    Interesting that you should post this just as I was thinking about the song. I am trying to hunt down a copy of the standard accompaniment.
  • Thank you, Maureen - yes that's the Leo Nestor setting - which I have, but I don't have men that are up to it on short notice. Great arrangement, tho.

    Mike R - I'm very curious about "standard accompaniment"? I've never found it -- except for the little SA version that I posted above. We did a quick version on musescore so that we could do it without too much confusion....the men hum a drone on C - which the organ doubles and provides the downbeat in 2 - and then the SA's sing their simple - but effective harmony above. It works well but I'd still love to have a setting with a bit "more." If you find it, please let me know. (I did see a reference to it in a hymnal in Australia, but haven't been able to get more info.)
  • francisfrancis
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    I just composed an arrangement for you... see the forum.

    Blessed be Mary our Most Holy Mother!
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    "standard" accompaniment seems to be found at #220 in The Summit Choirbook. The nuns credit themselves for the addition of the Latin refrain.