Deus caritas est and Ave Rex noster, tu solus?
  • I'm looking for the chants to these two pieces:

    1) Ave Rex noster, tu solus nostros es miseratus errores, Patri oboediens ductus es ad crucifigendum, ut agnus mansuetus ad occisionem. Tibi gloria Hosanna: tibi triumphus et victoria: tibi summae laudis et honoris corona.

    2) Deus caritas est et qui manet in caritate in deo manet et deus in eo alleluia.

    Does anyone have these? Any help would be greaty appreciated. Thanks.
  • The antiphon Deus caritas est is found in the Rituale Vestitionum et Professionum, p. 17 (see attachement).

    The only antiphon I could find starting with "Ave Rex noster" is the Ave Rex noster fili David of Palm Sunday. What is the context of the chant?

    EDIT Ah, found the text: it's an antiphon sung at the second station of the Stations of the Cross:
  • Thank you. Yes, I'm trying to collect all the antiphons of the Preces Stationum for Lent. We're hoping to use that version this year, and our schola needs ample practice time.
  • Well, it seems there's an Ave Rex noster, tu solus as an Alleluia verse for the Votuve Mass of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I guess I can just use that. Thanks for your help.
  • aldrich
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    Preces Stationum? These should be in the Processionale of the Franciscans.
  • Thanks, aldrich, but we're actually looking to use the one smvanroode linked to. If I can't find all those then I will definitely use the Processionale version. Thanks!
  • Well, the index of the online Cantus Selecti gives an antiphon for Ave Rex noster, #52, p. 57, but it doesn't seem to be there. Does anyone have a copy they can check?
  • I'm also looking for the Sabbato Quattuour Temporum Pentecostes Matins antiphon "Emitte Spiritum tuum, * et creabuntur: et renovabis faciem terrae, alleluia, alleluia". I've ordered my copy of the Nocturnale, but it'll be a while before I get it (since I'm going out of town) and I need this antiphon for a parish project. Thanks for any help!!
  • Here it is (from the Liber Responsorialis, 115):
  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  • Found Ave Rex noster, tu solus in this book from Google Books:


    p. 96 (PDF p. 140)
  • ClemensRomanus

    "Well, the index of the online Cantus Selecti gives an antiphon for Ave Rex noster, #52, p. 57, but it doesn't seem to be there. Does anyone have a copy they can check? "

    In the 1957 edition of the Cantus Selecti, there are three indices:
    1. Adnotationes;
    2. Index Analyticus; and
    3. Index Alphabeticus.
    Both the Adnotationes and the Index Alphabeticus give Insurrexerunt in me.
    Only the Index Analyticus gives the Ave rex noster as #52 on page 57

    The earlier edition of the Cantus Selecti had exactly one composition different from the 1957 edition (not counting the SUPPLEMENTUM that was added). Unfortunately, I no longer have a copy of the earlier edition (It was a borrowed copy that I used to make the comparison.). So.... It appears to me that the entry in the Index Analyticus in the 1957 edition was not corrected. I think you will find the Ave rex noster in the earlier edition.

    GIA Publications has the earlier edition for sale.

    Isn't it interesting that ONE change and ONE error could in fact be the ONE thing that is important to someONE?

    Thank you for the info on Cantus varii at Google Books!!!

    Deo gratias!
  • You're very welcome, though the credit for the Cantus varii goes to tomjaw on the Ascension sequence thread. I just downloaded and skimmed through it.

    Thanks to you for the GIA link! Never thought it'd be sold there.