Accompaniments for Vespers - Novi Organi Harmonia
  • Hello! We are singing Vespers in the Extraordinary Form for the Feast of the Assumption. Although we singers have been working from the plainchant notation, our guest organist (who is incredibly talented) is not comfortable harmonising from the chant notation. Does anyone out there have the set of accompaniments for Vespers of the Assumption from the Novi Organi Harmonia? We need the accompaniments for the Deus in Adiutorium, the antiphons and psalm tones and the Magnificat Antiphons for First and Second Vespers!! A Tall order!

    I hope someone can help!!

  • Geoff
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    Don't know if this would help, but could the organist pick out an accompaniment from a recording? A recording of the Mass and II Vespers of the Feast of the Assumption is available at, and it includes a subtle organ accompaniment (perhaps too subtle to study from). Also, I don't know if they could get it to you in time. Other resources include the Liber Cantualis comitante organo (available at; I know it at least has harmonization for the Deus in adjutorium and the psalm-tone of the Magnificat (mode 8 only, I think).
  • Geoff
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    The LCco won't have antiphons or the like.
  • Thank you for this Geoff. I have sourced the CD in the UK.
    I have the Liber Cantualis Comitante Organo, but forgot the Deus et al was in it.

    Do you know of anwhere or any means by which I might acquire scores of the accompaniments?

  • Jan
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    Westminster Cathedral London has a recording of Christmas Vespers with subtle organ accompaniment.
  • rich_enough
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    I'm surprised Jeff Ostrowski (of Chanabel Psalms fame) hasn't chimed in yet. He has a website devoted to the NOH ( He writes:

    "Unfortunately, the eight volumes of the NOH are not currently available for purchase in this country (not even in Europe). However, I was fortunate enough to obtain copies of the edition from a retired musicologist. I would be happy to provide any information (contact me at, and I also plan on posting many more samples of the NOH online. I have seven out of the eight NOH volumes: the only volume I'm missing is the one containing special Propers for certain dioceses in Belgium."

    Perhaps he could supply you with what you want?

    Sam Schmitt
  • RagueneauRagueneau
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    Hello, Eamon.

    Pars VIII of NOH has what you seek.

    for me info, please E-mail me at
  • I have pars I and II, that I bought from a bookseller in Germany last year. I had thought it might be useful for our schola, but we ended up singing without accompaniment exclusively. I would be willing to offer them up to be scanned and made available to all if there is a willing taker who could do this.


    You could contact me directly at j_gorbitz at yahoo dot com.
  • Hi Janet,

    I'd be willing to help with this. Contact me at moconnor09 AT comcast DOT net.