Musician Seeks Stable Latin Mass Community
  • I am an accomplished Catholic musician and very knowledgeable about the traditional Latin Mass. I want to provide authentically Catholic music for a church that offers the traditional Latin Mass. I have thirteen years of experience as a church musician, including more than two years at the cathedral level. I am an excellent organist, accompanist, and singer, a good schola director, decent choirmaster, and serviceable improviser. I have a fine full-time church position at present but am becoming increasingly unhappy with having to uphold liturgical and musical standards that I don't personally advocate.

    I am willing to move anywhere to share my talents with a stable Latin Mass community that appreciates sacred music and the Sung Mass. (By stable, I mean at least one respectably attended Mass on Sundays and holy days that is not in jeopardy of being eliminated by the local bishop, and where at least one "backup" priest is available year-round.) Of course, I would prefer a full-time position, but I would gladly accept a part-time position as long as there are local opportunities for suitable full-time employment, or part-time with benefits. If there happens to be a traditional men's religious community looking for an organist/cantor/choirmaster, I would love to live as an oblate within a monastery.

    Please contact me at if you have a position available or can help point me in the right direction. I will be glad to provide excellent professional and personal references from clergy and laity.
  • How far will you relocate?
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    If you haven't already, be sure to check out the job openings page:

    Good, full-time positions are posted regularly! (Since it appears you are new here, also note that when a position says "closed," it doesn't necessarily mean that the position itself is closed - just that no one can comment on it.)
  • Anywhere in the US if the situation is right; elsewhere if there would be no immigration obstacles for a US citizen and a language barrier wouldn't be a concern - I speak only English fluently. I could relocate in the first part of 2013, certainly in time for Lent
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    DO you mean a parish that offers only the EF? There are very few music positions (I know of one or two in this country) that are are other than volunteers for EF only communities. I've never seen a posting on this site of such a position, though I could be wrong.
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    After reading the title of this thread, I thought, 'I think all of us are in the same boat, yes? ...and then, "I am not sure it even exists!'

    This is a really excellent stable group as far as I know, in Charles Town, WV, I highly doubt that they will ever be made to leave the diocese. One of their supporters who lives nearby has some sort of high position in the FSSP. I went to their priory many times the last 2 years and found it most fulfilling. If you wanted to be a priest/canon you could definitely live there (not sure of oblate).

    I have no idea if it makes sense. But its a considerably good idea to look into it...

    Give Dom. Daniel Augustine Oppenheimer a call or contact someone through the facebook page.
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  • Many FSSP parishes pay decently, some even AGO scale. FYI.
  • Fr. Dan Oppenheimer is also a marvelous musician, just FYI.