Gregorian Alleluia Congregational Worship aid
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    Before I embark on a cut & paste fury...

    We have recently been singing the Alleluias from the Graduale Romanum at one of the Sunday Masses (the "High Mass") and at the weekday Masses with Music. The congregation have commented very positively about this, and I would like them to be able to participate, if they wish; to that end does anyone have any 'worship aids' that have the Gregorian Alleluia? I've done up two already (cut-and-paste by hand - very time consuming!), and would like not to do it again!

    (If it matters. Cantor(s) intones Alleluia; congregation repeats; schola continues with Jubilus;
    cantor(s) sing verse; congregation repeats Alleluia to first incise; schola finishes jubilus.)
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    I don't have anything to share here, Salieri… honestly, if it were me, I'd just be cutting-and-pasting from the Gregorian Missal PDF (at least until I became proficient enough with something like Gregorio.)

    Bravo to you for doing this… and to your congregation for responding so positively! (And to your pastor for allowing this!) I'm curious… does your cantor sing the full Gregorian verse in Latin? Or perhaps in English on a psalm tone? In any case, I think this is fantastic. (I remember AOZ commenting to me over email about a similar practice in her schola.)

    I'm also curious if there was any sort of learning curve to be overcome with your parishioners, whereby you explained why you weren't doing the old "triple" Alleluia/Gospel Acclamation, and why the verse usually doesn't align with the Lectionary.
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    We've been using the verses in Latin to a psalm tone as they appear in the Liber Brevior, occasionally the full verse from the graduale.

    The learning curve was overcome by the FSSP. We had a Solemn High Mass in August, and one of the priests stayed the week so we had a daily morning EF Missa Cantata in addition to the evening OF; it was during that week that I started, gradually, to add the milismatic Alleluia. We have also been chanting the Tracts in English (psalm-tone) during Lent (with the Christus Factus on Palm Sunday and Good Friday), and the "real" Alleluia for the Easter Vigil, so people have been getting used to things not matching the lectionary - and standing for a long time! One of the many positive results of Summorum and the EF informing and reforming the OF.

    (We still occassionally use the "tripple" Alleluia, when time does not allow for the full version.)
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