Looking for new Catholic Eucharistic Mass setting
  • Hello Everyone,

    I am currently looking for a new Eucharistic Mass setting to start using in Oct . We currently have the OCP Heritage Misssal and the RitualSong hymnal (which has the old mass parts/text). While looking through the Heritage Missal, I came across three new mass settings: Mass of Christ The Savior, Mass of Resurrection, and Mass of Renewal. All of these are piano based accompaniments and there are no organ accompaniments for these masses. Out of those three I'm currently thinking Mass Of Christ The Savior will be the best selection and I'll just have to arrange it for more of an organ based setting!

    Are there any new masses composed with good organ based accompaniment?? Everything says Keyboard next to the staff.

    What mass settings are other Catholic music directors using and how you are making it sound good on the organ??

  • Ben YankeBen Yanke
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    One of my parishes uses the Mass of the Resurrection on the organ, and it works quite well. From what I can tell, he may be even using it as written. Personally, I'd lean toward that one.
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    You are free to use any of the settings in my book here:

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  • as opposed to a non-Eucharistic Mass...

    I know, I'm being a jerk...but admit it...you were all thinking it...

  • I highly recommend "Mass of Christ the Redeemer" by Bernard Kirkpatrick.
  • IanWIanW
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    Capel-y-ffin Mass, organist's edition and choir's.
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    Of those you mentioned, I would second Mass of Resurrection on organ, seems like it would work well as written.
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    Liturgical Press has some good Mass settings in addition to the Psallite Mass (@Adam Wood in particular). We've been using the Mass in Honor of St. Dominic, and it works very well.
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    Mass of St. Benedict from Lit Press has a very nice choral section in the Gloria.
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  • Love that Kirkpatrick setting. Very underrated.
  • I have just recently received copies of three plainsong masses from Sr. Luella Dames,
    CPPS, Director of Music at the Precious Blood Motherhouse in O'Fallon, MO. This is
    where Msgr. Hellriegel was Chaplain & Dom Ermin Vitry, OSB was Director of Music.
    Sister Luella has edited simplified settings of three of the most venerable chant masses
    (in the MR3 English). The settings are beautifully done, very singable and demonstrate
    what true liturgical musicians were doing as a response to Vatican II. I highly recommend them.
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  • Samuel,

    Could you share how you ordered these? Thank you...
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  • Contact Sr. Luella Dames, CPPS at ldames@cpps-ofallon.org
    These settings are very beautiful.
  • I have revised according to the new Roman Missal - Mass I for the Easter Season,
    Mass X for Ordinary Time and Feasts, Mass XVI for Advent/Lent. The Liber Usualis was used to simplify these Masses for parishes. They are published Three Masses in one booklet "Ever Ancient, Ever New" $3 per booklet. There is also an accompaniment booklet for all three Masses for $ 15. My mailing address is Sr. Luella Dames, CPPS
    206 N. Main Street, Apt. 109, O'Fallon, MO 63366. Dom Vitry, OSB from Belgium was our chant director from 1934-1960. My email address is ldames@cpps-ofallon.org
  • We are using the ICEL Chant settings. These are easy to sing and they can work during times when either the choir/cantor are not present. We also use them for daily Mass. ICEL also has organ accompaniments.
  • Martyr's Mass Includes Simple Anglican Chant Glory to God.

    Link has been updated 7/1/14
  • donr
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    We will be using the ICEL Chant settings as set by CCWaterShed's Vatican II Hymnal for the Advent Season.
  • melofluentmelofluent
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    The "Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mediatrix" by Dr. Patrick O'Shea works very nicely in unison with organ, through sung. motivically solid.
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    It has been pointed out on ccwatershed that the Mass of Christ the Savior Gloria bears a striking resemblance to My Little Pony! Then, when one considers the incorrect usage of the mass text, it makes me shake my head in dismay!

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    Mass in Honor of St. Ignatius (Russell Weismann) Published by GIA

    In terms of English settings we also use the revised versions of Proulx's Community Mass and Alstott's Heritage Mass.

    Weismann's setting is more influenced by chant whereas the latter two are more metrical.
  • hartleymartin
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    Another good one that has grown on me recently is "Mass of St Francis" by Dr Paul Taylor.
  • Michael
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    Please try my Parish mass in E - details under newly published compositions.

    Michael Overbury