Los Angeles Area Vocal Ensemble- Seeking Singers
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    I'm a regular reader of the Chant Cafe and the Musica Sacra Forum. I wanted to post this information about a new vocal group that was recently founded in Southern California. If anyone lives in the Los Angeles area, and is looking for an ensemble to join, please consider the Nova Vocal Ensemble.

    Note: While the group's repertoire is wide ranging, we do sing a great deal of sacred music, including chant and polyphony. There are also opportunities to sing the music within a liturgical context.

    Nova Vocal Ensemble, a new choral group of singers from all over the Los Angeles area, is seeking voices for all vocal parts.

    We perform three season concerts and smaller gigs at private and public functions. We also work with churches in the Los Angeles, Glendale, and San Fernando area.

    Repertoire is varied and challenging. We perform in Old Church Slavonic, Chinese, Latin, English, German, Spanish, etc. We like to experiment with space and different group configurations. We also have a special interest in new music, though it is, by no means, the majority of what we do.

    Though the choir is volunteer, it provides ample solo opportunities. Singers get to expand their horizons in choral music-making through varied repertoire and exploration of technique.

    If you are insterested in auditioning or receiving more info, please contact:

    Jonathan Bautista jonathanjamesbautista@gmail.com or Andrew Coyne andrew.coyne1@gmail.com

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    Where do you practice?

  • We practice in Glendale, CA at Holy Family Catholic Church.