• Re: Requiem Mass for Deceased Members of CMAA


    I am the cantor at a Latin Novus Ordo Requiem Mass which is scheduled for Thursday, June 14th.

    Can someone provide me with a PDF of the "singer's program" and "congregation's program" for the last Requiem Mass that CMAA sponsored where the "Ordinary" and "Propers" of the Mass were taken from the Graduale Romanum?

    Another question is regarding the sequence of readings and chants. Is this correct?:

    1. First reading
    2. Gradual: "Requiem aeternam" (replacing the Responsorial Psalm)
    3. Second reading
    4. Tract: "Absolve Me" (replacing the Alleluia)
    5. Gospel

    Thank you.

    John D. Horton